PS Vita Exclusive MonsterBag Launches This April

IguanaBee, developers of PS Vita platformer MonsterBag, have announced the game will hit the dinky console on April 8th.

“MonsterBag is a kind of puzzle-platformer (if you think of people as a platform!) action game,” explained IguanaBee. “The game is about a little blue monster called V and V’s journey to get back to his friend Nia (a charming little girl), passing through places filled with people.”

“Making an indie video game company from a Latin American country has been quite a challenge,” they add, “but our passion has helped us cope with all the challenges that have arisen.”

If you can work out what’s going on the game from the video above then you are better than me, but it looks amusing and colourful, and hey, PS Vita exclusives are few and far between.

Source: EU Blog