(Updated)We Are Doomed To Launch From April 14th On PS4 & Xbox One

Vertex Pop has confirmed that colour shoot ’em up We Are Doomed is set to release from April 14th on PS4 & Xbox One, at a cost of $9.99 / €9.99. UK pricing is to be confirmed. The game will first come to North America PS4s on the 14th, followed by European PS4s on April 15th, with the Xbox One release happening on April 17th. The game was originally announced back in November.

With recent re-emegence of shoot-em ups on consoles We Are Doomed could find a decent audience provided the gameplay is good and well received. While it does look good I can’t help but feel a Vita release would also have done well, though the feel of that can be experienced through  remote play.


Vertex Pop has got in touch to state the game will be coming to Vita eventually.

Source: PR


  1. It looks like Super Starsust on LSD.

    May try a demo if there is to be one

  2. It looks like Super Stardust on LSD.

    May try a demo if there is to be one

  3. That’s what I was thinking

  4. Thanks for the double reply!

    I wanted to apologise for my accidental double post but then it would have become a triple post, which would have necessitated another apology and so on

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