Trials Fusion’s After The Incident DLC Out Today, Brings Ten Apocalyptic Tracks

RedLynx has released the final piece of DLC for Trials Fusion, and since it is the end of the content coming to the game it is rather fittingly set after an apocalyptic event hit Megalopolis . This leaves players with ten additional tracks to play across, eight of which are ‘classic’ tracks. There will also be 24 new track challenges, new Roach design, and a Frontier helmet. The track editor will also receive some new goods.

The Season Pass is currently priced at £15.99 and will get you the After The Incident pack as well as the previous five packs. Or you can purchase the latest content for £3.99.

Source: PR


  1. and still no female riders? :(

    i wonder, will you need the pack to play tracks created with new objects from the pack, or do you only need to pack to use them in your own levels?

    • I’m not 100% sure as I have the season pass but I think you can play user tracks with the new objects as they’re probably included in the patches (the dlc from the store is just an unlock).

    • Nah you need the dlc to play tracks that have the new objects.

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