Nintendo Direct Round Up

Nintendo’s just finished another Direct presentation, and, although it didn’t feature Starfox, Metroid, or any news on what’s taking the newly vacated date previously held by The Legend Of Zelda, there were plenty of amiibo, amongst other things.


Below you’ll find a rundown of the trailers & announcements we’ve not already covered elsewhere. Enjoy!

First up, we have Affordable Space Adventures on the WiiU eShop.

Another eShop announcement came in the form of this trailer for Swords & Soldiers II, due for release on May 21.

Sticking with WiiU, we also saw some new footage from ATLUS’ Shin Megami Tensei & Fire Emblem Crossover Project.

I must admit, not a clue, but the music’s quite catchy.

Fatal Frame for WiiU.

By way of 3DS announcements, we got a glimpse at HAL Laboratories curious puzzle-platformer Box Boy.

Attack On Titan: Humanity In Chains, due this May was also shown.

As was Puzzle And Dragons Z / Puzzle And Dragons Mario Edition. A match-3 fighting game type thing…

And some new Fire Emblem footage.

There’s a new Pokémon game coming too, Pokémon Rumble World.

And finally, two new StreetPass additions, StreetPass Fishing & StreetPass Zombies were also revealed – costing £4.49 a piece.

Please don’t forget to check out all the other news from the Nintendo Direct by clicking here.

Source: Nintendo, Youtube.



  1. A double helping of Fire Emblem is a good day in my book! And Swords and Soldiers 2 has been looking great so far.

    Attack on Titan could be interesting, though it looks a little low rent.

  2. Chuffed to see Project Zero coming to the West. Will pick that up for sure.

  3. That Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game looks like a Persona game. Awesome!

    And the new Fire Emblem looks brilliant, it’s supposed to be two seperate games in Japan (like pokemon) but it seemed like it’ll be one title here.

    I think Nintendo is holding off Star Fox and possibly some still secret title for E3. Remember how Tropical Freeze was revealed the same year it was meant to release in?

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