Retro City Rampage: DX Is Now Getting A Limited Run Retail PS Vita Release

Those limited edition versions of Batman or Assassin’s Creed? They’re made in the tens of thousands and sold the world over, but Vblank know how to do a truly limited edition, and Retro City Rampage: DX is at the heart of this. It’s a downloadable indie game for most people, but the end of last year also saw a very limited release of the game on disc for PlayStation 4.

Discs are easy though; you can get discs anywhere. Cartridges are difficult, and that’s put a rather different spin on things. With a measly 2GB of space on a PS Vita cartridge, Vblank have really been able to let Retro City Rampage: DX stretch out and breathe, as it only actually needed 19.8MB of space, so they’ve gone and created a unique Live Screen page for the game cartridge.

Of course, for the true collector, you’re actually going to want to keep this shrink wrapped and in perfect condition. The PS4 blu-ray is already reselling for many times its initial cost, and while the price of putting this on cartridge is actually a little higher still ($30 rather than $25), be thankful that the ESRB allowed this to go on sale without a rating. Oh, and don’t expect to see this on store shelves, you’ll have to go direct and buy it from Vblank Entertainment.



Source: Vblank Entertainment


  1. Ordered one this afternoon as soon as I saw the Twitter announcement! :)

    • …any idea how many are being produced?

      • I’m not sure that’s been said, but I’d expect the run to be just as if not more limited than the PS4 one.

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