The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Coming To Xbox One, Wii U & New 3DS

Though initially dismissed as a cruel April Fools joke, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will actually be heading to Xbox One, Wii U, and New 3DS, though it doesn’t appear to be coming to original 3DS.

The original blog post joked about all the changes that would have to be made to bring it to Nintendo platforms – including swapping God to a Dog and changing the Christian references to Scientology ones – but the developers have since confirmed, in the safe environment of April 2nd, that the game will not be censored on these platforms.


They’ve even went as far as sharing a Vine of the game running on the New 3DS as proof:


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  1. I love this game, so dark, so addictive, so many things to find and random levels means it’s differnet each time you play.

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