Troy Baker Hints That David Hayter May Be In Metal Gear Solid V After All

After all of the recent Kojima/Konami controversy, it’s refreshing to bring you a story about the game which isn’t born out of such controversy…oh, wait a minute.

If Troy Bakers cryptic interview is to be believed, there may be some hope for fans of David Hayter. During an interview where he was discussing his role as Ocelot in the game, Baker said that Hayter’s replacement (Kiefer Sutherland, for those who don’t already know) will make sense when players play the game. Baker also went on to ask players to stick with the game, a possible hint that Hayter may appear towards the end.


“He has been with the franchise since the beginning. David Hayter is amazing, he loves the character. Kiefer Sutherland came in and knocked it out of the park. He did a great job.” explains Baker. “He was honouring the character Hayter helped create. He is doing something different. It’s going to make sense. Just stick with it, play the game before you reserve any judgements.”

What the interviewer noted as being odd was that Baker was never questioned about Hayter, he offered his opinions freely and without any prompting. As a Metal Gear fan myself, I’m not going to get my hopes up. However, the Snake in Ground Zeroes was only 11 years older than the same Snake we met in Metal Gear Solid 3, yet in that time his voice has changed from Hayter to Sutherland. Could Sutherland’s Big Boss be a fraud and we see a face off between Sutherland and Hayter later on? We’ve not got much longer to wait to find out.

Source: Gaming Bolt



  1. Let’s hope that haytor turns up one way or another. If this is Kojimas last mental gear it could be epic if he shows the events of mg1 and 2 in a different light.

  2. I seriously doubt Big Boss is a fraud due to GZ taking place a few days after PW. Do wish Hayter was in GZ as it makes no sense that Snake aged 10 years within a few days in terms of voice.

    I can only see Hayter reprising his role as Solid Snake and either there is a small hidden bit involving him and Big Boss or there is a few side ops that take place during MG 1 and 2 as a small easter egg. But I do hope no-one spoils the damn surprise by reporting on it as i have noticed that gaming news sites(in general) do have tend to report it a few days after release.

    But i still don’t understand why they ditched Ocelot’s voice actor for Troy Baker as there should really be two instead of three. One for young Ocelot(MGS3), Ocelot for the rest of the timeline. However, i suspect it is part of the North Curse where a voice actor ends up in every single game.

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