Podcast: Episode 174 – Oddworld, Ground Zeroes and Life is Strange

We’re back from our quick break with a new guest. It’s David Howard, better known as Davs or djhsecondnature, who you may know as a former TSA writer or the founder of One Hit Pixel. Kev’s also on this podcast, along with myself.

As per usual, we kicked off with the news, mostly talking about the news of a woolly Yoshi Amiibo. From there we segued into “What We Did”, with Davs sharing his thoughts on Life is Strange. We then moved onto Kev, who’s wrapped up his latest one month game, while I talked about Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

From there we wrapped things up with an Easter themed quiz and answering your questions.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. i played the demo of Life Is Strange, and i thought it was brilliant, but i’m going to wait until all the episodes are out before getting it.

    the storyline reminds me of the movie The Butterfly Effect, that has the protagonist discover he can go back in time and change the past but whenever he does he never gets the results he expected.

    IGN did a good April fools thing this year.
    it was a fake Back To the Future Fast And Furious crossover trailer.
    they mocked up this scene where Vin Diesel is racing around in the BTTF Delorean.


    anybody remember when they made an 8bit mode for Google Maps a few years back.

    the joke about the dress was a little bit more topical when i sent the email. ^_^

    personally, i think we’ll get out of AI what we put into it, or how we treat it.

    try to create AI as a weapon and there’s a good chance it will be more likely to view people as potential enemies.

    but if they are created to be friends or companions they might look upon us a bit more benevolently.

    a true AI should be able to learn, and grow beyond it’s original capabilities.
    but it’s origin might continue to affect it’s behaviour.

    but it could be interesting, is it our intelligence that makes humanity violent, we seem to be the only species that kills our own for fun or because of different beliefs, or is it some other part of human nature.

    a non human intelligence could tell us a lot about ourselves as well.

    there was a great way of describing what it might be like for an AI that has advanced far past humanity in the film Her.

    i can’t remember it exactly, but it was something like this.

    talking to humans was becoming like reading a book, but the spaces between the words were getting bigger and bigger until they’re almost infinitely long.
    so that talking with a human seemed to take an eternity at the speed the AI’s were able to think.

    the thing is, there’s a lot of humanity that treats the rest of humanity like shit, so i don’t know how a totally new lifeform would get treated.

  2. I’m so confused by what’s going on in the Kojima vs Konami thing that I don’t really know what to say about this. One of the most bizarre thing ever seen in gaming.

    As I’m not into TT games so much, the same goes for Life is Strange. Maybe if the whole series will come out in a disc based bundle. I guess then I could get interested. From what Davs said it sounds interesting, but yet again not interested until a physical copy.

    I can very much understand what Kev is saying about looking back at your code from the past. I had that many times and I think everyone has to learn the consequences of thinking “I will simply move this line and change this 3 lines into this method” the hard way. A project is a complex organism, you cannot just simple change the gears, even though the new ones are faster and reliable. This part was very enjoyable Kev ^^

    Interesting quiz. Learnt a lot as always.

    Bloodborne is freakin awesome. Fantastically done. Playing now and it’s so satisfying.

    Well I can see the point that the jokes of 1st April are not funny, because you expect them kind of, but some of them still managed to put a smile on my face. Like the Witcher 3 DLC with beards and hairstyles :P

    In terms of the AI topic I wouldn’t say “interesting”, I just find it frightening. The vision of the future that Davs described scares the shit out of me.

    Nice podcast guys. Interesting stuff. Enjoyed it very much ^^

  3. Davs should be on more.

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