Quest Based Racer SmuggleCraft Announced For PS4, Out In 2016

Happy Badger Studio has announced SmuggleCraft for PS4 and it is due out next year. The game is racer with a bit of a difference as it will involve quests for the player to complete, and the way these are done will change the outcome of the story. Players will be able to build their hovercrafts through a crafting system, instead of a straight upgrade path. This will allow more customisation so crafts can be a bit more personalised. There isn’t a trailer yet but a couple of gifs have been released.

The visual style does look good, though work over the next year may see some changes to the design. SmuggleCraft is the first large scale game for Happy Badger Studio.

Source: PS Blog


  1. A few textures would be nice but i suppose they are going for that retro look. Must be ’cause i’m feeling a bit nostalgic watching it, although for what exactly i can’t quite drag from my memory. I wonder if the levels will be randomly generated, they look like they might be. I think i’ll have to wait and see how it develops.

    • Yes, we’re definitely going for a bit of an old school vibe (though not really based on anything specific). The tracks will be procedurally generated, so every player is going to have a totally different experience playing. We hope you enjoy it when it launches next year!

  2. Looks good but I;m not keen on the way the craft moves.

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