Swiss Site Lists Remastered Uncharted Trilogy For PlayStation 4

Rumours of a remastered Uncharted trilogy have been wafting around the ether for quite a while and now a Swiss website has listed the original three games for PlayStation 4.


The box art looks like the real deal to me and the release date of the end of September would fill the rather large Uncharted 4 shaped hole in Sony’s schedule.

Naughty Dog have previously stated they are too busy working on Uncharted 4 to remaster the original three games, but we do know they now run two teams in tandem. Perhaps the success of The Last of Us remastered persuaded them to invest the time in remaking Drake, or maybe another team within Sony has been handed porting duties.

Of course this could just be placeholder made up by the staff of swiss retailer CeDe. Paws crossed, eh?

Source: CeDe



  1. i really hope this is true.

    • It would be nice to play them again before 4 comes out.

    • Same I know people aren’t happy with the amount of remasters but this would be awesome, especially running at 60fps.

    • Yep, this is the one remaster I actually wouldn’t mind.

    • Me too.. if they were considering it all along though I don’t understand why then turn round and say they have no plans or it won’t happen.

      Would be nice playing remastered versions, Uncharted has probably been my favourite first party series.

  2. I hope so. I can see this happening now that U4 has been delayed.

  3. Pass the tissues…I just made a mess…

  4. I plan to play these again at so point. I think I would probably go for this but no problems if its just pie in the sky. PS3 versions will suffice

  5. If it is on a Swiss site, it must be true.

  6. I don’t doubt that we’ll get this remaster trilogy at some point, but that cover looks fake to me.

    • If you imply by this, that the Swiss would ever put something on a website, which was not true, you don’t know the Swiss.

      I must admit, the probability of a Swiss site leaking such an info is extremely low. But them putting a fake cover up is even lower.

  7. What would make this even more epic release golden abyss along with the other 3.

    The only second remaster worth buying

  8. Even if this is real, that cover art is almost certainly fake. For a start, that’s the PS3 style of ‘Only On PlayStation’ – on PS4 games, it is part of the blue banner at the top.

  9. Yeah I’d buy this…although not sure when I’d get round to playing it with so many big hitters coming this year – Witcher, Batman, MGSV, Star Wars, No Mans Sky…lord save us all.

  10. i’d just take the first and second uncharted the third was so awful.

    • I still enjoyed the third game but it was disappointing and my least favourite of the three.

    • Indeed, a remastered duology would suffice, no need to include the experiment!

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