Looney Tunes Galactic Sports Coming Exclusively To Vita

Sony have confirmed that the Looney Tunes gang will be coming to the Vita later this year for some crazy cartoon fun.

“Spread across ever increasingly fiendish torments, these intergalactic athletes will get set to compete in a variety of zany sports. Race to the finish line in Space Races, take aim in Galactic Archery or duke it out in Space Boxing.” explain developer, Virtual Toys.


“As well as going for gold, these Looney Tunes will be setting their eyes on earning some invaluable XP. Earning XP will unlock new Looney Tunes characters, which each have their own set of particular skills.”

The game will take advantage of the Vita system’s ad hoc mode so you can compete with your friends. If you want to tip the odds in your favour, there will be a whole host of unlockables in the form of gadgets provided by the infamous ACME corporation which can be unlocked by earning XP and collecting coins in the various events.

We are expecting  release date in the near future but for now, that’s all folks!

Source: PS Blog



  1. Like the sound of this, I am trying to make the most out of the good games that do make it to Vita, will obviously check it out before I buy or just hope for PS+ :)

  2. I remember playing, and enjoying, Space Races on PS2. This type of game seems well suited to the Vita, and it’s a nice change to see a positive Vita announcement instead of another cancellation or service switch-off.

    No doubt this will be on PS Plus either immediately or not too long after release. I’ll be playing it.

  3. So I am the only one that thinks this looks like dog turd then?

    Fair enough.

    • It looks a bit PS1.5/2 – Looney tunes games have never really been top of the pops.

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