New Trine 3 Vid Shows Off 3D Gameplay

There’s another Trine sequel on the way and this time developer Frozenbyte is opening the floor for three-dimensional game mechanics. Up until now the popular platformer has kept its quirky brand of fantasy action locked within a 2D plane as players explore luscious landscape and solve a variety of puzzles.


Although much of Trine’s root DNA has been preserved, as the video above shows, the addition of three-dimensional movement brings a fresh dynamic to the table. Not only that, it gives players another angle from which to view its glorious vistas.

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Powers is currently slated for a PC launch some time this year. With the first two titles having also launched on consoles, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Trine 3 make a similar transition soon after its debut.

Source: IGN




  1. Looks lovely but not entirely sold on it as I think this will hamper the multi-player element. Happy to be proven wrong but that is Trine’s greatest strength, I feel.

  2. 2.5D

    • They did show some truly 3D sections earlier in the year which makes me more interested in the game. However, hopefully it won’t ruin it for the fanbase.

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