Godzilla Multiplayer Exclusive To PS4 Version

If you were looking forward to getting together with friends for some monster antics on your PS3 then you may be left wanting, as a representative for Bandai Namco has confirmed that multiplayer functionality will only be coming to the PS4 version of Godzilla in the West.


The company has confirmed that the PS4 version will be the same as Godzilla VS which was just announced in Japan. However, the PS3 version will not be the same version and will actually be the game which was released in Japan last December which has no mulitplayer element to it. Both versions of the game will be coming to the West this July.

Source: Gematsu



  1. I wonder, I just wonder, whether this could actually turn out to be a half decent game. It can’t be any worse than that abomination of a film from last year.

  2. Online or locally? I’d only really care if it’s the latter. Godzilla Save The Earth on Xbox/PS2 was a decent local multiplayer brawler.

    • There hasn’t been any confirmation yet as to whether it will be online or restricted to local. I think it would make a great online game, smashing cities with people around the globe. What’s not to like?

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