Double Fine Confirms Costume Quest 2 Will Release Tomorrow In Europe On PS4

Double Fine has announced that Costume Quest 2 will finally be releasing in Europe, and the release date is tomorrow April 15th. Alongside this release date the studio also announced that Sackboy will be available as a free download worldwide on PS4 and PS3, though to access that costume players must find four hidden pieces scattered in the game.


The release of Costume Quest 2 in Europe has been a long time coming since it released in North America on October 31st for the PS4, while there was very little news in terms for Europe at the time. The reason for the delay was due to publishing related problems for the region, though what those were haven’t been revealed by either Double Fine or Sony. The game will be available to purchase once the store updates, but it is live for PS3 now at the price of £11.99

Source: Double Fine



  1. It’s now as far away from the “just in time for Halloween” release date such a game deserves. What sort of massive incompetence leads to an enormous delay like that?

    Or is it that they can now sell the PS4 version at full price and pick up a few more PS3 sales in the process? I think I’ll wait for a sale, since I’ve got lots of other stuff to keep me amused until then.

    Presumably various parts of the internet have been blaming SCEE for the delay, when it seems far more like it’s DoubleFine that messed up.

  2. I’m annoyed it’s not Cross-Buy. I bought the PS3 version as Double Fine gave NO update of the issues they were having with the PS4 version in the EU (which had been release in the US), therefore I will not be giving them more of my funds. Had they have said something like “we’re having publishing problems but doing our best to get it sorted” I’d have waited for the PS4 version. Cheers for that Double Fine.

  3. Loved the first one, but this is far too late to pump out at £12.

    I’ll wait for the inevitable discount

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