The First Shadow Of The Beast Screens Emerge

Developers Heavy Spectrum have finally released screens for their PlayStation reboot of the classic Amiga game, Shadow of the Beast. The screenshots  are taken from the harsh, arid wasteland known as Karamoon’s desert and show main character, Aarbron, was forged by the evil Maletoth as a living weapon

Word has it that the game is very violent, but I can see elements of the original game in the art style which is a good sign. We will have further details on the game in the next couple of days, stay tuned.

Source: US Blog



  1. The blood seems to be parallax at least :)

  2. I still have the originals on my Amiga. I’ll never play them again, they looked great in the day, but were so f*cking hard!

  3. There’s some game play on Youtube, considering it’s pre-alpha (or supposedly) it looks pretty damn good. Obviously not quite up to the Amiga standard though ;)

    The way the fighting is animated reminds me of 300.

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