Legend Of Kay: Anniversary Lands On PC And Consoles This Summer

The “thoroughly remastered version of the original game,” Legend of Kay: Anniversary will be landing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, Mac and PC this summer.

If the name of the game leaves you with a blank face would it help if I told you it was originally published by JoWooD Entertainment from Austria, who went bankrupt in 2009 and the game rights were purchased by Nordic Games? No?


What if Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director at Nordic Games told you “Legend of Kay was a true gem on the PlayStation 2 platform? Ring any bells?

How about a plot description, that may help remind you.

Legend of Kay Anniversary is a colourful action adventure, blending the gameplay of a platformer with dynamic fight combos. The protagonist, Kay, is a cat who studies martial arts and gets involved in an uprising against Shun, the leader of the gorillas, who is oppressing the “cat people” in his reign. On his journey through the lands of Yenching, Kay has to master his martial arts skills, face various enemies and overcome numerous challenges.

Still not helping? How about some screenshots, that will do it.

Has the jogged your memory? Nope? No, me neither, never heard of this game before, which in some ways is a good things as it will be brand new experience on PS4.

Source: PSL / Amazon