[UPDATE] P.T. To Be Removed From The PlayStation Store, Silent Hills Seemingly Cancelled

The future of Silent Hills has been a much discussed topic following the upheaval at Konami in which Hideo Kojima found himself being removed from everything Metal Gear Solid. We’re still not entirely sure what is going on and now Konami have announced that P.T., the playable teaser for Silent Hills, is to be removed from the PlayStation Store.

The game was meant to be created by Hideo and horror film director Guillermo del Toro, with The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus as the the star of the game. We’ve heard very little about the title since the tease and with the removal of P.T., the future of the project is unclear.

Konami have given no reason for as to why the game is being removed.

UPDATE: It appears that Guillermo del Toro, speaking at San Fancisco Film Fest last night, has confirmed that Silent Hills has been cancelled.


Norman Reedus has just tweeted about Silent Hills, and he is upset at the game’s cancellation.

Konami have confirmed Reedus’ departure, stating “our contract period with Norman Reedus has expired.”

However, they would not comment on the status of Silent Hills, the Hideo Kojima game, and would only say “We will continue to develop the Silent Hill series.”

Source: P.T. Website 



  1. Hopefully it’s because they’re putting a new on out during E3 this year. Hopefully.


    • Think it’s gone already (from the store), fella. Arses. Oh, well.

      • I really can’t believe they’ve done this. They Had the best horror experience ever made and they can it.
        People would have been all over this but they have a bit of a fall out with Kojima and spit their dummy out.
        This will be their death knoll.
        I’m not buying MGSV new because I don’t think their attitude is one that should be rewarded and I can’t support them if they’re going to dangle a fucking massive carrot and then take it away because of a spat.
        Utter idiots.

      • It will be interesting to see what fallout there is (with sales) when the dust settles. I hate how actions (possibly) similar to this still get rewarded so comprehensively. It teaches the industry nothing. :-\

  2. Are people reading too much into this? That website says “The distribution period… will expire”. Which could just mean it was meant to be a limited time thing to start with.

    As a marketing strategy, it could work very well. Lots of talk about it when it was first released. Lots of talk now it’s being removed. And then turns into this mythical thing you can’t ever play again.

    Or maybe they’ll release a massively overpriced paid demo and piss everyone off.

    Or the whole thing has been cancelled. Is Guillermo del Toro not a bit busy with lots of other things as well anyway?

  3. Got it sitting on my machine, only had a quick glimpse a while ago, hope it still works, always wanted to play it some more…

  4. P.T. is one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had on my PS4, and it really gave me hope for Silent Hills becoming a fresh start for one of my favourite game series.

    It would be tragic if the project was to be shut down or if it trailed off into limbo like The Last Guardian for instance.

    If they don’t force stop the P.T. demo from working, I will never delete it.

  5. Don’t be too shocked if this whole project turns out to be cancelled. Sounds like Kojima no longer works for Konami so it’s unlikely the promised game will happen if that’s true.

  6. Its about time Kojima and/or Konami were truthful about what exactly is going on between them.

    • They may wait until after MGS5 is released. They won’t want to risking hurting sales for such a huge game.

  7. Im sorry but what are konami playing at here?. Getting rid if Kojima and now cancelling this?. They must be mad, as far as i can see they’ve got F all else to rely on, they best hope pro evo suddenly becomes as big as fifa again or they’re in trouble. I dont see them lasting much more than a year or two. Very sad

  8. I’m gutted about the Silent Hills cancellation, wth is going on with Kojima and Konami?

  9. Big balls..

  10. I’m not surprised that Del Toro has cancelled it as i recall him saying that he was only attached to the project on the basis that he could work with Kojima. Without him, Toro has no reason to stay and work on it. Shame as a Kojima/Toro game would be interesting. Followed by a 90 hour cutscene and over the top fight.

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