News Snatch: The Witcher 3 Ultra, Disney Infinity 3.0 Leak & Star Wars Battlefront

Greetings one and all, welcome back to the fast becoming extinct news round up known in these parts as News Snatch, all the bits of news that fell behind the TSA fridge. First up, a dev diary for Star Wars Battlefront, help me Obi Wan, etc.

Guitar Hero TV, the playable music video network that launches as part of Guitar Hero Live, will have with “hundreds” of songs for you to play, according to Activision’s senior director of product management, Tyler Michaud.

Golf now, with a features trailer for the forthcoming EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. I know even less about golf than a I do football so I won’t even try to comment.

A Chinese site has allegedly leaked some of the line up for Disney Infinity 3.0, including Frozen’s Olaf, Tron Legacy’s Sam Flynn and Quorra, classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Mulan, and five characters from the new movie, Inside Out.

Talking of China, the PS4 is getting an unexpected boost in the region thanks to sellers of smuggled software. Just ten games have been approved by the Chinese government for the console, but unlike the Chinese Xbox One, the PS4 is not region locked so can play a European copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

“This is definitely a plus for Sony,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute in Tokyo. “Not having a region lock is good for gamers, but will the government continue to permit it?”

Magicka 2 is coming to PS4 at the end of May, you can also check out our feature in which three rather rubbish wizards try the game.

Also coming to PS4 is Trans-Galactic Tournament, a MOBA with three multiplayer modes, six arenas, and ten Champions.

The OlliOlli2 soundtrack has been released, although judging by the description below you may need a scruffy beard, loafers with no socks and a perchance for craft ale to enjoy it.

“With OlliOlli2 we wanted to focus on the music that we all share an interest in,” notes Simon Bennett, OlliOlli2’s producer “Independent Dance Music, glitchy, jazzy, chilled out… the sort of music that DJ Lefto in Belgium, Giles Peterson or Benji B, or more recently people like Soulection Radio in the States would play.”

To purchase the soundtrack click here. And then put some bloody socks on, you look ridiculous.

First golf, which I know nothing about, and now Squash, which I know even less about. This is PSA World Tour Squash which is out next month for the Nintendo Wii. Do not adjust your set, that it not a typo, the Nintendo Wii not the Wii U.

Developer Scott Cawthon has announced Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: The Final Chapter will release on October 31, 2015.

This is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt running on ultra settings at 60fps and 1080p on PC. It has nice chickens.

A nice English language trailer for Tales of Zestiria. Does not feature any chickens.

Probably not coming to a console any time soon, but certainly worth a mention is Saudi Girls Revolution.

“Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the heroines of SGR are a badass group of Saudi women who come together in a government enforced camp. Rising out of this brutality the women build and race suped-up motorcycles. Their mission; to fight the evil tyrannical rulers of the corrupted Arabian Empire.”

The game is being created in Jordan to high sexual inequality, challenge conventions and encourage more female talent in the middle east to get involved in games developing.

And Finally, another team hoping to use video games for good is NERDLab who have created Unsavoury, a game that highlights the lack of paid sick days to restaurant workers.

“You’ll push your body to the limit in order to make ends meet in the challenging unforgiving world of the fast food industry. Complete orders with lightning speed and wipe that snot away, you’ve got money to make! Just don’t contaminate the food.”

Well that’s put me off ordering a Big Mac next time I am in the States.


  1. You have to love how people go to all the trouble of setting up a rig to play Witcher at ultra settings, recording the footage, then they upload it to youtube and it looks dreadful. When will they learn.

    • I assume the video is available on their website or gamersyde at high quality as well.

  2. Talking about golf, has anyone heard anything more about Everybody’s Golf on the PS4 since it was announced last year?
    Never played one myself but everyone seems to rate them.

  3. That squash game was too painful to watch. I can’t imagine there is going to be much movement with that one.

  4. i don’t think i’ve ever seen a squash game before.
    and now i know why. ^_^

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