PlayStation Plus Members Locked Out Of Accounts, PS Now Beta May Be To Blame

A group of PlayStation Plus members are reporting that they have lost access to the Sony service and all affiliated content over the past few days, despite being told by support representatives that their accounts are all valid and have not expired.  Issues first arose a few days ago with more and more people saying they can’t access any of their digital content, with a thread on the PlayStation community site at 49 pages at time of writing.

A couple of users including David White have got in touch with TheSixthAxis about this problem, providing further details.

It messed up for me on the 30th. Just came back from a birthday lunch so thought it was something to do with my birthday confusing my account to begin with.  Can’t remember what prompted me to try the license reset but when i did it went (0/1) then (1/1) then locked me out of everything.

Customer support believe it is Now Beta related from what people are saying. I did mention the Beta to them when I called but they weren’t aware of what it was. I didn’t realise myself that it may be Now related until I spotted the forum.

David currently can’t access any of his digital content, purchased or Plus related, with the download list also out of action. Free apps such as Vevo & BBC iPlayer are also inaccessible, with the PS4 system stating he doesn’t have the license. The PS4 David is using is the confirmed primary console linked to his account.  Kathyrn White, David’s wife, also has a PS4 account but is not a Plus member and the store as well as the free applications are accessible through her log in, confirming this issue is account based and not system based.

The first image in the gallery above shows David’s account with the Plus icon, with the second showing that icon now gone. David confirmed with Sony that his subscription will not expire until July. A second user, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent the last image in the gallery showing his services list was completely empty despite having items there before.

Sony has issued a statement on the issue on the support thread saying:

As a lot more reports on this have come in over night I have escalated it to the Network team for investigation. In the mean time you are welcome to contact PlayStation Support to log your issue individually but hopefully a blanket solution will be applied to all those affected.

While the PS Now beta is currently being blamed for this issue there isn’t conclusive proof, at least not yet. TSA will try to get a more detailed statement from Sony, but with it being the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK a response is unlikely to be received quickly. If you have been affected then TSA would like to hear from you too, and we shall continue to update as we find out more about this account issue.

Update: Lots of people are getting in touch saying problems started when restoring licenses. If you are in the PS Now beta do not do this as it may be one of the causes leading to being locked out of digital content.

Update 2: There may be a fix, albeit temporary, that unlocks digital content. The advice comes from Taylor on Twitter.

Thank you, Taylor.

Source: Thanks to David White, Kathryn White & Anonymous source/ PlayStation Community Thread


  1. The same problem is happening for me. It started when I bought Alien Isolation and a Resident Evil game last week. Despite being charged and getting an email confirming the purchase, the PS store doesn’t think I bought either. I called support and they told me to restore my licenses and as soon as I did that I was locked out of everything and my PS Plus was removed.

    It’s odd because I still have Plus on the website and my content is still in my library on the website as well. It seems to just be on the console. I’m on the PS Now beta too.

    • Also ps now beta same isusse but also cause PS4 to crash. All dlc games downloaded are gone from the library disc based games I have got back on but none of the dlc that came with it and also can’t access your online saved date bit of a mess really! Ps+ dose not show up on the service list. Yet in PS3 every thing is there in transaction history this really need to be fixed

  2. Same thing has happened to me. Purchased the new COD DLC to have it not download yet money being taken from my bank. Then loading up COD multiplayer and it saying I need PS Plus so I buy 3 month PS Plus and yet I still get the message on any multiplayer game. I can still access all my PS Plus monthly games but cant download anything or play any mulitplayer.

  3. Same thing happened to me with project cars due out in a few days and also COD AW map DLC out on thursday which i payed for and cant even download this is a big disapointment. Sony wont say anthing about what is going on and after contacting support which was useless all i get told is they will look in to my situation in due time and if i want to continue to play online to make a new account and re buy playstation plus ( a service i have already payed for) that is not a good enough answer for a company of sonys status to say for me to re pay for a service i have already paid for…..

    All my digital content has gone i can access WWE network Netflix or Amazon 3 services which i pay for monthly and cant use either.

  4. Happened to me yesterday. Platinumed Uncharted 2, deleted it then played PooYoos episode two (Free trophies), deleted it and tried to purchase Magus. Got an email saying that I did purchase Magus but then it wouldn’t let me start it. Got told to purchase it from the store. I have purchased Sherlock Holmes before the PS Now Beta started which I haven’t played due to the Beta. I am locked out of all the digital content that I have PAID for and all the free apps such as Netflix and iPlayer.

    I have PS+ till 06/01/2016 and all the PS+ features seem to work on my Vita. I can upload saves, download games and automatically sync trophies. I also have the + icon on my profile on the Vita. I don’t have the icon on my PS4 or the online web store.

    I think you should put in this article saying not to restore licences as it will lock you out of your digital content.

  5. I’ve been affected by this issue all weekend and many others who have been posting on playstation eu forum. I called support as I was concerned bout my ps plus subscription, as when I tried accessing my online storage it told me I needed to be a ps plus member. My sub ends June 2016. Initial problem accessing now beta games, I could purchase but error msg advising I had to purchase game from store. Called support on Sat morning. Operator acknowledged they were aware of issues, so told him about my inability to access my plus sub. Told me to restore licenses after this all my digital games and apps like sky and netflix became padlocked. Then my plus icon disappeared from my username. Today still unable to access some digital games and apps and still not recognised as a Plus member. Very annoying the lack of Sony acknowledgement. Understand UK bank hol weekend but still very poor customer service!

  6. I tried to download the PS plus games earlier on my iPad and was told I was not permitted to download this content. Damn you, damn you all to hell. Hopefully it will be back up and running before this months games go live, otherwise I’ll miss out.

    I can still use Netflix, SkyGo and Amazon player.

  7. Same problem here.i have the playstation now beta but i only seem to have lost online play.can still access digital content including the ps plus free service list is now empty too.rang sony yesterday and logged my problem.he told me that it seems to be a problem with the ps now beta.when i try to play online it asks me to purchase ps plus even though i have 11 months left.

    • When I clicked the option to purchase again the network recognises your PS+ and just asks you to extend it, people are also advising extending or purchasing again still doesn’t work.

      • The person from sony i spoke to said that he could see i had a valid sub for psplus.i have a vita and a ps3 and my service list is fine on those 2 machines.its just my ps4 that the problem

  8. Am locked out of everything to, in the snow beta, but hardly used it. Issues started when tried to purchase DLC for Tropico, took my money but couldn’t download, so tried to restore licenses and lost everything! My PS4 is useless today and @askplaystation on twitter still advising people to restore licenses that breaks everything! Sad Puppy! :-(

    • Can’t believe they are still trying to get people to restore licenses. :(

      • what he told me to do, despite me already making that mistake and informing him.
        Also he has now advised me to contact support in my region. you know the support thats closed all day sunday and probably wont be open on bank holiday.

  9. I heard about this issue earlier on in the week. Hopefully Sony get it sorted as soon as possible. It’s always the thing with beta testing that you hope it will be fun and run relatively smoothly, but there’s always that sneaking possibility that something could go wrong.

  10. On the PS Now Beta forums, people have been reporting this issue since Thursday night and still no info

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