Game Developer Spark Unlimited Shuts Down

It looks like another development studio has closed its doors, as Spark Unlimited, the developer behind Lost Planet 3, seems to have shut down.

The initial report came from NeoGaf, when someone spotted the companies assets up for auction on a liquidation site. Shortly after, Polygon reported being contacted by a former employee who confirmed that the studio was no more. Finally, the developer’s official Twitter account added a sad bit of weight to the situation with the following tweet.

Spark Unlimited were known for creating the first console iteration of Call of Duty, as well as Turning Point: Fall of Libery, Legendary, the aforementioned Lost Planet 3, and most recently, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. Unfortunately, most of those games weren’t very well received by critics and gamers alike, but that doesn’t make the idea of more developers losing their jobs any easier to swallow.

TSA wishes the best to the developers affected by this closure.

Source: NeoGaf, Polygon, Twitter


  1. My god, turning point, fall of liberty sure is a blast from the past. Sad times seeing studios close.

  2. I remember playing Call of Duty: Finest Hour back when I was about twelve. It was great fun and playing as the soviets and british was a real novelty at the time for me. I think that’s the only game of theirs I played but it is sad to see any studio closing down.

  3. It’s always crap to see people loss their jobs. Hoping they all find new jobs soon.

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