P.T. Is Gone For Good, No Longer Available To Download

It was hoped that after the remove of P.T., the playable teaser that revealed the now cancelled Silent Hills, the game would still be available to download if you had previously done so. For a few days this seemed to be the case, but alas the game has now vanished completely.

Both Kotaku and Polygon report the title is no longer available so if you have not got the game on your hard drive by now you are almost out of options.

The only way to get hold of P.T. now is if you happen to have around £650 laying around, in which case you can head to Ebay where some rip-off merchants enterprising individuals are selling second hand PlayStation 4 consoles with the game installed.

UPDATE: As many of you have pointed out, the game has disappeared from the store, and is unavailable entirely for US PSN users, although currently, if you’re an EU user and have the game in your library, a re-download is still available. Konami only knows for how long – grab it now if you’re on the fence.

UPDATE 2: It has been noted that even if you have managed to download the game it has a “Stop working” date. At the strike of midnight this New Year Eve, P.T. will cease to function, even if you have it on your PS4 hard drive.

Source: Kotaku/Polygon/Ebay



  1. This is only in America though not Europe. Read it somewhere

    • It’s gone from the European store too, at least looking at it from the PC in my office.

      If you go into your download list from a PC you can see the entry from when you ‘purchased’ the free PT, but the thumbnail image doesn’t load and the remote download link is gone.

      • You can download it from a PS4 though. Or could earlier. If it’s in your library, you can download it from there.

      • Yeah i have just confirmed it, re-downloading now as i type this from library.

  2. I think what you really mean there is the only way to get hold of it is to spend silly money on Ebay or live somewhere other than the US. You can (currently) still download it again in the EU.

    Probably won’t be there for long, but right now it still is.

  3. Was worried they might pull it completely so downloaded it just in case. :-) However, it makes sense – given the situation – that Konami want to pull it.

  4. I had this in my download queue so downloaded it last week after reading the report they were going to pull it. One day I may even be brave enough to play it past the first few trips down the corridor….

    • The best method is to get a few mates on the sofa, and you complete one “loop” then pass the controller on. The relief of finishing your round is brilliant, knowing that’s the further point before you’ll get the controller back. However, watching the person before you get an easy run is incredibly worrying! ;)

      I’ll do a USB HDD backup so I’ve always got it if need be; and otherwise I’ll lose it when upgrading my HDD.

  5. And to think it was Giantbomb’s last horror game of the year, pity.

  6. I have it and will probably backup my hdd at some point too for safe keeping. If Silent Hills never get’s made this demo will be even more significant.

  7. I’m downloading it again so when it does finally get removed from the eu store I too can engage wholeheartedly with free market capitalism and flog my ps4 with it on for shed loads of cash.

  8. I can indeed confirm that it’s still available on the EU PS store, I had deleted it off my HDD but I just went to library, selected it, selected download and now it is downloading. Though I also just tried searching for it on the store and it wasn’t there, so it seems you need to have it in your library already to be able to re-download it.

  9. Let’s just hope, HOPE, Konami re-releases it as a standalone title, or at least have Sony buy the rights to it.

    • I hope so too but this all points to them erasing all history of this project.

  10. Long shot but thought I’d ask anyway. I’m on vacation and my PS4 is NOT connected up. I’ve added P.T. to my download queue (not list) and is now “waiting” for my PS4 to activate and suck down its scary goodness.

    Does anyone know if P.T. does in fact disappear off EU servers from tomorrow if I’ll still be able to obtain it when I power on my PS4 this Sunday when I’m back home? I have serious doubts but I was wondering if anyone knew for sure?

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