Nine Hours Of PSN Maintenance Next Tuesday

I’m not too sure what to write here, normally I waffle on about how Sony never take it to account that Europe is their strongest market and yet we always get whacked with maintenance in the evening, when we’re all online.

The next scheduled PSN maintenance will start at 2.30 next Tuesday and last for nine and half hours.

But wait, that’s not 2.30 pm, it’s 2.30 am! At last, they have listened and scheduled the maintenance for when their most loyal customers are fast asleep. As usual, if you have recently signed into your account on it (within past 24 hours for PS4) then you should be able to play online whilst the work occurs.  However, the store, account management and the usual gubbins will be offline.

Source: PlayStation Service Status


  1. Blimey! So, it’ll start when most normal people are fast asleep & will end whilst most are still at work/school/college/whatever. Nice!

    I could get used to this (although I won’t, as there is no way this’ll happen every time!).

  2. Hopefully it’ll include a fix for the Now Beta, or whatever it was that was causing problems.

  3. I jump on the PS4 when the Mrs and baby are asleep which is usually 9pm-2am lol

    • Here here. That’s what I do. I’m a night owl gamer

      • It’s the best way to get some peace and quiet so I can get my arse kicked on Bloodborne with no one judging me lol.

        Add me if you want oldschool1987

  4. Blimey, they are listening. Whats next DLNA support??

    • Last guardian maybe?!

      • Cross game chat…Damn it we have that

      • @Flightx Good one that made me chuckle. I remember those days…

  5. This is Bullshit!! My gaming time is primarily between the hours of 3am to 6am. Screw you Sony, I’m selling the PS4 with the PT demo and making a small fortune. XBONE here i come!

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