The Souper Nom Nom Galaxy Splashes On To PS4 Next Week

The lovely chaps at PixelJunk have finally got round to releasing their first new game for PlayStation 4. It is described as “genre-blending” but the general premise is that you must create enormous soup factories with your friends and ship your tasty soup into outer space.


Players can run, jump, swim and jet boost around vast, fully-destructible environments which can be moved manually, or exploded with dynamite robots to expand soup production.

It sounds like a mash up of a resource management game and Dig Dug, with added dose of quirkiness we have come to expect from the Pixel Junkers.

However, there is a bit of bad news. “We had to stop work on [the PS Vita version] so that we could focus on providing the best possible console experience on PS4 without sacrificing the game’s ambition and content,” say Pixel Junk.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. I guess we were lucky to get two Pixel Junk Shooter games (PS3) but now it looks like it’s back to the consistency of their “And now for something completely different” routine. i’m not sure what to make of this, i’ll have to wait and see more.

  2. What the bloody hell is in PixelJunk’s water?! :-)

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