Street Fighter, Ace Attorney And More For Project X Zone 2

Bandai Namco have revealed some of the new characters that will be coming to the tactical-RPG crossover. The game is still a way off with an Autumn release scheduled and is exclusive to the 3DS. However, the company have promised that there will be more surprises in the coming months which should whet fans appetites. For now though, here is the list of new characters announced:


  • Sakura Wars Series:
    • Sakura Shinguji
    • Gemini Sunrise
  • Streets Of Rage
    • Axel Stone
  • Street Fighter Series
    • Ryu
    • Ken Masters
  • Ace Attorney Series
    • Phoenix Wright
    • Maya Fey
  • God Eater Series
    • Ciel Alencon
    • Nana Kazuki
  • Summon Night Series
    • Aty


Source: Press Release


  1. The last one was a great piece of fan-service, and fun to play – if a little easy. Looking forward to this!

  2. Is it based on a specific game series in terms of gameplay?

    And it’s a bit silly how they’ve coloured the prompt for the “A” button green, when it’s red on the -`,new_´- 3DS.

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