Lords Of The Fallen Getting Game Of The Year Edition

Deck13 Interactive and CI Games have announced that the Dark Souls inspired game will receive a Game of the Year Edition, which will release on 26th June for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The game, which released late last year, saw players take on the role of a convicted outcast going by the name of Harkyn. Much like the ‘Souls’ games, the gameplay focusses on slaying monsters whilst trying to keep hold of any EXP points gathered and pushing towards the next checkpoint.


Lords of the Fallen: GOTY Edition will include:

  • ‘Ancient Labyrinth’ DLC
  • ‘The Monk’s Decipher’ DLC
  • Demonic Weapons Pack
  • Lionheart Pack

I am surprised that this is getting the GOTY treatment, it got some good reviews but I don’t believe that it blew everyone away when it was released last October. However, this package may be a good chance for newcomers to see what the game is all about.

Source: Gameranx



  1. Quote enjoyed this but it was abruptly short. Just when it seemed you had ages to go it was done.

  2. I can never remember- which was the good one, this or Bound By Flame? It was this, wasn’t it?

    • i haven’t played this, but i have played Bound By flame.
      so i’d say, yeah, it’s probably this. ^_^

  3. I’ve still got this sitting on my hard drive after a sale around Christmas time. I should play it!

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