Updated – Rumour: First Photos Of Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel Leak

It’s long been the assumption that Logitech have essentially abandoned the console gaming market, thanks in large part to the abject lack of support for their existing racing wheels in major games that include Project CARS and Driveclub. However, that might not quite be the case as certification and photos have been uncovered that suggest that a follow up to their high end G27 is on the way, in the form of the G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel.

Picked up by Max Console, certification was issued on May 7th by Novocert in Russia, clearly mentioning “Logitech Far East Ltd.” and the “Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel”.


That’s not a whole lot to go on, but this has since been backed up by photos taken by ‘Blatz’, one of their community members. It looks to be an evolution of the G27, with familiar metal gear shift paddles and overall shape, but with all the buttons now on the wheel’s face and a layout that features a PS symbol and Share button, pointing towards this being a PlayStation 4 oriented wheel.

However, there are a couple of points of doubt for me, such as that the two different images feature different forms of the Logitech gaming range logo on the wheel, with the blurrier one currently being used on their PC mouse range. Additionally, the box in one of the images looks nowhere near large enough to fit the wheel in. These inconsistencies could simply be explained by being pre-production demo units.

Update: The comments below pointed out that the box could simply be for a gear shifter add on, which would explain its size, while Paolo101 linked to a new image – thanks Paolo! – which has been added to the gallery and shows a Driving Force branded box tucked under the table. Certainly, this is now looking much, much more solid.

For now, it’s much safer to label this as a rumour, albeit one that’s very interesting and potentially exciting for racing game fans. If true, this could also open the door for older wheels to be supported on PS4 as well…

Fingers crossed.

Source: Max Console, Novocert (thanks carboycam)



  1. The box in the one image states ‘shifter’, so presumably not the box for the wheel. The different symbol though, that’s weird.

    It would be awesome if they did another wheel, as Thrustmaster seem to be milking things a little with 101 add-ons to an already expensive wheel, and it’d be nice to have some more variety on the market.

  2. Well this throws a spanner in the works as I was considering getting a T80 when Drive club Plus is released for either that or Project Cars.

    • Also, isn’t the reason logitech haven’t released any new wheels is because Sony and MS are making it more difficult to get the chips needed? I think Mad Cats are having the same problem.

      • The reason Logitech stopped doing wheels is because before they got a new owner, they were tight on cash. New owner now and doing better financially so they’re entering the market again.

        I like the wheel the more I look at it and considering Logitech are requesting the pics are pulled from sites pretty much confirms this as real to me.

    • I don’t see the point in getting a wheel with no Force Feedback? Kind of defeats the object of having a wheel for me. I got the T100 which seems to be the cheapest wheel with Force Feedback that works with PS4 (not PS4 menus but in game everything works perfectly).

      • Does it work with PCars?

      • Most certainly does.

      • The T80 is the cheapest wheel out there, and I think I’ll have trouble justifying anything more than that amount of money for just an accessory. Does the T100 also work on PC? Because that could possibly sway me too.

      • Pretty certain that it does work with PC.

  3. I think it’s a Photoshop jobbie, an attempt at a hybrid Thrustmaster/Logitech wish list.
    The wheel centre logo has the “G” ran Turismo adopted by Logitech and famous DFGT red dial control but it has the Thrustmaster paddles and blue wheel centered band.
    One picture shows brushed steel centre plates with the other black coated….don’t remember choices ever being an option in the past!

    • I thought that when I saw them yesterday, it just doesn’t look right especially the plqacement of the blue L/R2 and L/R3 buttons.

    • It does look too much of a perfect mash up to be true in a way. Although the ‘G’ symbol is actually a logitech symbol last I checked, not Gran Tursimo. The wheels are most definitely different in each photo, because of the different symbol (although one photo could be an earlier rendition of the G29). To be fair, metal paddles are used with multiple wheels, including the G27.

      The main dodgy thing about the photo for me is the DFGT and PS4 buttons. Either this wheel is a collaboration of licensing between Polyphony Digital, Sony, and Logitech, or it’s an outright fake.

    • I agree that it looks weird but its not fake, the good thing is its not a G-series wheel, its the cheaper DF series so the G29 would’ve look better.. Here’s a link of the picture of its box, zoom in at the box below the desk http://www.speedhunters.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Ghost-Games-01.jpg

  4. Whether this is pure rumour or fake, I still very much hope my G25 will work with my PS4 at some point, as I’m not willing to give up either.

  5. Surely the old wheels will never work, as the reason they don’t work currently is that both the ps4 and xbox one require peripherals to have a security chip which the old wheels don’t have.

    • That is not why they don’t work. Security chips I think are needed for home menu controls for the console (T500 doesn’t have a chip and can’t control the PS4’s main menu), but it works in Driveclub. G25 and G27 will work in-game if Logitech make a driver and send it to developers, but they won’t work in the main PS4 menu.

      • Fair enough. That’s what Logitech said, so I assumed it to be correct.

  6. There’s more chance this is real than Drive Club PS+ Edition :-P

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