Max’s Interceptor Is Stolen In This Mad Max: Savage Road Story Trailer

It features about as much dialogue in two and a half minutes as the entirety of the latest Mad Max film – don’t get me wrong, it’s brilliant and action packed, but not big on dialogue – but Avalanche Studios’ latest story trailer does a great job of setting up the crazy world in which Mad Max: Savage Road is set to take place.

After having his beloved Interceptor stolen by the Scrotus and his band of warboys, Max has to team up with a new sidekick and mechanic, the equally bizarrely named Chumbucket, to build a new machine and get out of the Wasteland.

It’s a simple enough story that the action can probably take centre stage – and Avalanche are well known for action by virtue of their Just Cause series – so it’s all looking pretty good, if you ask me. The game is out on September 4th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: press release


  1. I thought his interceptor got blown up about half way through Mad Max 2.. Where in the movie stack is this game set?

    • I am guessing it would be a follow on (of sorts) from the more recent reboot, but who knows??

      • Ah. I didn’t know the new movie was a reboot, I assumed it was a sequel and they’d just glossed over the fact that he should be a lot older..

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