Halo 3: ODST Codes Are Rolling Out Now For MCC Owners

A tweet from the Senior Communications Manager for Halo, Rob Semsey, has confirmed that the codes for the add-on are being sent out now.


The add-on acts as an apology to early adopters of the Master Chief Collection who have experienced problems with the game since launch. Anyone who owns the game and played it between November 11th and December 19th are being asked to keep an eye on their inbox for the free code. People who played the game after this date will be able to purchase the add-on for $5 when it goes on sale in the near future.

The ODST add-on is just a basic update rather than being a full rebuild and will run at 1080p and 60fps, the co-op Firefight mode from the original game will not be included in the package. There will also be an update for the main bundle which will add the Halo 2: Anniversary map “Remnant” as well as a few additional tweaks. The title update will take up 2GB with ODST taking up around 8.1 GB. What was your experience with MCC? Do you feel this will make up for any problems you had with the bundle at launch?

Source: Twitter/Engadget



  1. Got mine. I think this makes up for it, but my problems seemed to stop or at least diminish relatively early. There’s still improvements I wish they’d do, like boost texture-filtering and draw-distance in splitscreen. But I’m not holding my breath. The game was worth it for the campaigns alone, so I never felt cheated, just disappointed.

    I look forward to seeing how good this new port is.

  2. Despite its problems, the way they’ve supported this since release is fantastic. Another full campaign, Spartan ops missions, a month of gold membership. One of the best value for money games out this gen.

    • Not for those who didn’t play before this date. I’ve had the same multiplayer issues yet because I played it on Xmas (present) I didn’t get anything. :\. I think Microsoft knew to cut that date off before Xmas because it’d be high up on the list for a lot of people.

      • You might be right there. In fairness, if the online issues persisted after 19th December, then MS should really be extending the offer up to the moment when the majority of the game was fixed.

      • That’s almost certainly why it’s only 5 dollars. At least you didn’t pay anything, so five bucks for a whole additional campaign sounds pretty damn good in my book.

      • They cut the offer off when they announced the compensation.

        I assume they didn’t want people just borrowing it for 5 mins to get free xbox live. But I agree that it’s a bit unfair still.

      • Well if you’re gonna reward early adopters you’ve got to have a cutoff point not too long after release.

        People who got it near/at release for full price deserved a little thankyou.

  3. to be fair this should be for everyone, because lets face it, the game is still borked!
    matchmaking is still a mess!and lets face it the multiplayer is the heart of this game

  4. Free code for anyone who wants it :)


    Note: you need the Master Chief Collection to play it.

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