Wattam’s Sneak Peek Video Looks As Barmy As Katamari & Noby Noby Boy

Back at the PlayStation Experience show last December, Wattam was introduced with a suitably quirky trailer amidst a flurry of indie games, as well as the collaboration between Keita Takahashi and thatgamecompany alumnus Robin Hunicke at Funomena. But we didn’t see what the game would actually look like, just the cuboid mayor picking out a hat before heading out to work.

It shouldn’t really be surprising that Wattam is about as charming, cute and barmy as Keita Takahashi’s most notable work, with the Katamari games and Noby Noby Boy. I’ve watched the sneak peak video that Funomena posted over the weekend a couple of times and can barely make head nor tail of what it is that you actually do, other than to gather more and more people together – I guess you can call them that? – and then shoot them up into the sky.


I haven’t a clue how it works, and yet I can’t quite wait to play it.

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  1. I found the controls of Noby Noby Boy too frustrating, but have loved the Katamari games (particularly the music)…so I’ll definitely be checking this out. I sure hope the record player character isn’t a NPC.

    • It definitely looks like it. Seems you can switch control between characters somehow (hand holding, perhaps?) and there was definitely a button prompt to get down and party.

      • My name is Youles, and I love to party!

  2. I loved Noby Noby Boy – that was some messed up stuff, but a great relaxing game.

  3. This is right up my street! Love zany games like this especially the Katamari games, but also Noby Noby Boy, Locoroco, Patapon, Hohokum, etc.

  4. Whatever it is, it look’s charming as heck.

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