Out This Week: Wander, Skulls of the Shogun & PlayStation Plus

For us gamers, June is quite possibly the most exciting month of the year. Although most heavy hitters tend to launch in late autumn, the first we often see or hear of them is usually at E3. This year looks to be no different, with known quantities such as the new Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed to be showcased alongside unannounced titles from big-name publishers and indies. Elsewhere in the gaming world, this week’s release schedule is looking noticeably sparse with no huge launches of which to speak.

 Wednesday 3rd

  • Arcade Archives: Renegade [PS4]
  • Class of Heroes 2G [PS3]
  • The Escapists [PS4]
  • Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition [PS4]
  • Sparkle Unleashed [PS4 | PS3 | PSV]
  • Super Exploding Zoo! [PS4 | PSV]
  • Tetris Ultimate [PS4]
  • Wander [PS4 | PC]
  • PlayStation Plus June 2015 Update [PS4 | PS3 | PSV]

Thursday 4th

  • Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven [3DS]
  • FullBlast [Wii U]
  • Don’t Starve: Giant Edition [Wii U]

Friday 5th

  • Mortal Kombat X [PS3 | 360]

Filling the slight dirth in this week’s schedule, we have the monthly PlayStation Plus update. As always, Sony is giving away a patchwork of free games, including full-fat gaming experiences as well as smaller indie hits. It may not be a “full-fat” game in the conventional sense, but Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes continues to stand out as one of PS4’s strongest action shooter hybrids.

Comparable to a prologue in length, it puts you in control of series protagonist Big Boss as he infiltrates a military compound. Although mission can be cleared in a matter of minutes, there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back again and again. Next to Ground Zeroes we have other titles including Skulls of the Shogun and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

One of the games we’re excited to see this week is Wander. Launching simultaneously on Steam and PlayStation 4, it’s an ambitious massively multiplayer online game that does away with many of the genre’s tropes. Favouring collaboration over combat, players will work together in this tranquil game as they explore a luscious open world.

This week also sees the arrival of two ports. First up, last-gen gamers will finally be able to get their mitts on the fantastic Mortal Kombat X. Although slightly inferior to its PS4/XB1/PC counterparts, it still carries the same core experience, from story mode to towers and online play. Don’t Starve will also do a bit of console jumping this week when it finally arrives on Wii U.



  1. didn’t they announce recently that Mortal Kombat X cancelled for last gen ?

  2. Wait.. Renegade? The arcade game from the 80s? On PS4? Random!

    • If it is, I’m sure I played that on the Spectrum too many years ago.

      I guess remaking an almost 30 year old game is a better idea than this current trend of slightly tarting up a PS3 game from 18 months ago and charging full price for it.

      • Nope its the arcade original. Theres about 15 if these early 80s games on the ps4 Japanese psn and slowly they are coming the US and then here. They are grossly overpriced but get a few buys I assume because trophies include “read the instructions” and “posted a score”

  3. Wander looks interesting although the animation seems a little off. I’ll watch out for some gameplay footage.

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