[UPDATE] PlayStation Store Listing Reveals Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

UPDATE: Naughty Dog seem to be taking the mistake in good spirits, looks like we will get the full details in the next day or so.


UPDATE 2: Naughty Dog has confirmed that the collection is real, and it will launch October 7th in North America and October 9th in the UK. Bluepoint Games will be handling the ports & an announcement trailer has also been released. The campaigns have been remastered to run in 1080p and 60fps.The collection will contain the main three console releases, with Vita exclusibe Uncharted: Golden Abyss not making the cut.

Buying the collection will also grant players access to the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta. According to the US pre-order page on the official site this will be a full priced release, coming in at $59.99. If you are in the UK, the pre-order price is £49.99 , anyone who does so will get the following bonsuses:

• Seven single-player skins reliving some of Drake’s most iconic outfits.
• A golden AK47 and a golden 92FS pistol.
• A PS4™ dynamic theme.


It is unclear whether the multiplayer will make the cut, but according to the current packshot it looks like only the single player campaigns will be coming to the new generation.


According to Amazon the collection will have a photo mode too, allowing players to take pictures of all the games and capture all the action.

Original Story

Some eagle-eyed users on the PlayStation Store in the US have spotted a banner for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. There has been no confirmation yet from Naughty Dog about the collection, but the inclusion of this on the store may point towards an imminent announcement.


Given the amount of remasters that have been releasing on the PlayStation 4, and the release on Uncharted 4 early next year, it comes as no surprise that this collection may be just around the corner. It would make sense for the collection to release in the run up to Christmas this year, plugging what is quite a sizeable hole in the PS4 release schedule. Is this a good move? Or is there further evidence of remaster fatigue setting in?

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  1. E3 hype is dropping by the day.

  2. Having played each game through a minimum of 3 times, I’m not sure I could play them through again, as much as I love them. Ok, well maybe Uncharted 2.

    With remasters it’ll all depend on how improved they are and what else is out at the time.

    No doubt I’d still be incredibly shite at the multiplayer. Found it very inaccessible as noob.

    • I have the plat for all three but would gladly do all that again on the PS4…like The Last of Us this will be the only game I would ever buy twice…

      • I think I’m trying to kid myself that I don’t want it, but know I’ll buy it. The thought of how much time 9 playthroughs is going to take is making games in my backlog very angry.

      • Why 3 times? Once on Hard and once on Crushing job done!

      • Oh right, didn’t realise Hard was unlocked from the start – 6 playthroughs then!

      • Well don’t forget that when the first one came out, trophies didn’t exist. So I actually completed the first one 4 times as once without trophies, once on medium (stupid mistake), once on Hard and once on Crushing.

        It was so long ago though, I’d definitely play it again.

      • You should be able to fly through it for the 5th and 6th times then mate! :p

    • It’s not really for you (or me) but for all those 360-PS4 sales, this would be awesome.

      • Yeah I know, as it’s probably one of the exclusives that Xbox owners would have wanted so it’s a sensible move.

  3. So Killzone or Resistance for the next remaster?

    • I think an “Anniversary” version (remake) of Resistance 1 could be something interesting.

      • Funny thing is I enjoyed Resistance 3 the most, followed by R2. The first wasn’t that impressive to me.

      • I enjoyed the first the least as well, maybe 3 the most thanks to splitscreen. But it’s the one that would benefit the most from a remake. I’d love to see the second get one with splitscreen as well.

  4. Well, I was planning on another playthrough of the trilogy before the fourth game is out. Might as well be on PS4 I suppose.

    But what’s up with copying the naming convention of the poorly received Master Chief Collection? Just call it “Trilogy” or something.

    • Who exactly is copying who with naming a collection of games The Something Collection?

      We’ve already had 2 God of War collections for the PS3 and 1 for the Vita. And plenty of others. Just type “collection” into the PS Store.

      Or is your theory that they did such a bad job with the Master Chief Collection that it’s tainted the word forever and it must never be used again? Anyone who had the misfortune of playing Dragon Aga 2 would have had similar feelings until Inquisition came along, so that theory doesn’t work.

      • I think he was referring to the ‘Nathan Drake’ part, So rather than simply calling it the ‘Uncharted Collection’, they have used the name of the protagonist similar to how the ‘Halo Collection’ was called ‘Master Chief Collection’. ‘God of War Collection’ wasn’t called the ‘Kratos Collection’ for example. That’s how I read into it anyway.

      • What JR said, it’s the use of the protags name that irks me. It kind of made sense with Halo since it only comes with the games where you play as MC, but you play as Nathan Drake in all Uncharted games so it doesn’t add anything except stating the bloody obvious.

    • who cares what its called ? gamers like you are such an entitled lot. why would they call it a trilogy collection if they may port Golden abyss as well as thats 4 games.

      • That word, I don’t think it means what you think it does.

        The irony is killing me.

    • your the one crying over a title of a videogame. i don’t think you have the right to say anything to me.

      • Are you trying to get banned? 90% of your posts are hostile, name calling other members over very petty things.

        (yes I know I argue, but I keep it civil and constructive)

      • “Anything.” I got rights.

        Chill man, why the hostility? I’m not crying, just disappointed by the poor title for one of my absolute favorite game-series. It’s like it was decided by a committee.

  5. It makes sense really, there’s probably a significant amount of PS4 owners who never owned a PS3.
    Hopefully the games can be bought seperately too, as i would be quite interested in a remasteed version of the first game but not so much the others.

    • *remastered.

      • Don’t correct your typos! I’ll have to go and correct mine, and since I just type “Dragon Aga”, I don’t want to point that out too much. (I think it’s a type of posh, and potentially lethal, cooker, isn’t it?)

      • I just wanted to pre-empt the grammar police. But i seemingly just drew the attention of the anti-grammar-correction-because-i’m-in-the-same-boat-police! ;-P

      • should of just hit the edit button! no wait there isn’t one!

      • Don’t get me started on why edit buttons are a bad idea.

        Just learn to live with your mistakes, hope nobody points it out and you can get away with it (Scooby Doo style), or hope that your typos are at least vaguely amusing. Or weird. And not too rude. (I try and avoid typing the word “clock”, because it usually goes wrong)

      • Ah yes, the old “I was doing a Google image search for grandfather clocks and now I’m scarred for life” problem. Awkward.

      • Haha, I wouldn’t recommend Googling Grandma’s fondant Fancy recipe either! :P

    • “It makes sense really, there’s probably a significant amount of PS4 owners who never owned a PS3.”

      Pretty sure that’s been said about PS Now, and the novel idea of backwards compatibility.

      • I hope i haven’t misread your comment.
        The whole thing about backwards compatibility is that it has never been a constant feature in the history of gaming consoles. I don’t think anyone should really expect it going forward – don’t get me wrong, i would absolutely love it – but it simply doesn’t make great business sense.
        I think the best option is to retain your old consoles if you want to play your old games. Sure it’s a minor inconvenience having to switch to a different device to play other games but then you don’t have the – understandably sometimes distasteful – situation where you are faced with buying the same game again.

      • PSNow won’t deliver 60fps Uncharted experience though…it will just stream the PS3 version.

      • I was just comically highlighting the ‘makes sense’ bit, because whilst it is about business for Sony – a company that arrogantly claims to be 4theplayers – for us it’s a bit extortionate to pay out substantially to play an already released game. Also rather ironically, the same thing you said could be applied to PS Now.

      • If you’ve gone from 360 to PS4, as a great deal have, then a nice shiny compilation before U4 is nice. If you’ve already played them or got a PS3, don’t buy it. We also don’t know how much this collection will be, nor how much of an upgrade it is.

      • Never buy into those marketing taglines! :)
        As for PS Now, i get the irony but i consider it a very different beast to what i consider proper gaming (just my own opinion) I would never sign up for that.

    • Fully agree, it’s for the PS newcomers, and it makes sense, it’s a great move. All others have played through these masterpieces at least twice, so no need to revisit them this gen.

  6. Ugh, enough with the remasters already! What will happen on the PS5 – will we get remasters of remasters because the suits have become so risk averse and “hey, they sold well last time, lets do it again”?!

    I wouldn’t mind so much but they’re rarely that enticing either – with the possible exception of Tomb Raider I think every one I’ve looked at looks like a PS3 game with slightly higher rez textures and hopefully (but not always) smoother and higher framerate. Not exactly the “next gen” experience I spent all that cash on a new console for…

    • They’re obviously selling and making some money though. And how many PS4s have been sold now? Must be over 25m, with quite possibly half of those to people who never had a PS3. So potentially lots of sales to people who never played these games before.

      If you’ve played them before, great, you don’t need to buy a remastered version. Just remember they’re probably helping fund a sequel or even just judging if a sequel is worth making. And we’re not just getting remasters instead of new games, are we?

      Seems to be quite a bit of “I’m not interested, so it shouldn’t exist” going on, more so on other websites I won’t name. People here are generally a bit more sensible about things.

      • Sadly I’m old enough (and cynical enough) to know that whilst some cash from them *might* get reinvested in new titles, the vast majority will go to fill balance sheet holes made by unsuccessful titles and even more into publishers management bonuses and shareholders/investors pockets.

        I mean hell, PS+ rakes in probably over £30m a month for Sony, how much of that has been spent on improving the network vs propping up the rest of the failing divisions in the company?

        Suits follow the money, and if they make a shed load from remasters this time for relatively little investment, then next gen is going to be twice as bad…

    • I think you’re right, most of the ports have been lazy cash grabs that haven’t enhanced the originals by much.

      But as long as they sell enough, they’ll keep coming.

      • There have been some cash grabs but most of the remasters I’ve played have been good: Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, GTA V etc.

        Uncharted is one of the big Playstation exclusive games and with the 4th game in the series due out next year, it makes sense to release a remastered collection of the first three games for anyone who missed them on the PS3 or anyone who wants to replay an improved version (however slight) on the PS4.

      • Most remasters are just a resolution/framerate boost with some one or two enhancements. If remasters are going to be like that, sod them. If people want to play the same old game again and again, fine, but I’m up for some new original ideas that put an £300+ console to the test. No good having an indie machine, and no good having an enhanced PS3. For those that missed out, there’s PS now, a cheap PS3, or if Sony was really 4theplayer they’d add backwards compatibility which nearly everyone I know would like.

        If, on the other hand, remasters are actually going to feature some major graphical overhauls and some meaningfully tweaked content (pretty sure Halo MCC is the only one to be like that), then I’ll go for it.

      • I’m hearing you about the lack of new games/new ideas. They all seem to be riding on the success/popularity of old franchises because it’s too risky to come up with anything new. Similar to how movie studios keep making remakes/reboots and rating everything PG-13. No risk.

        For me, the PS4 IS just an enhanced PS3 (same with the XB1). It’s only a slight improvement on what we had last gen and nowhere near the jump in quality from PS1 > PS2 > PS3. If we wanted a proper next gen console with decent-spec PC level graphics, we would have had to pay for it and most people aren’t prepared to do that. They want the price of consoles/games to stay the same (foreverrrr…), so that’s what we get, more of the same. Though slightly better because the price of the more ‘advanced’ internal components has decreased.

        The PS4 could have been a £700 beast but then they wouldn’t have sold 25 million of them and XB1 would have be where the PS4 is now.

      • The upcoming Ratchet and Clank remake is what I’d argue is the most changed re-do.

      • What’s odd is I’ve seen developers say the last gen went on too long, but when they could’ve been working on new gen games they carried on making last gen only or for both.

      • I agree that the quality of remasters varies from title to title – i haven’t tried most of them so i can’t say definitively but the ones i have bought (or received for free on cross-buy) have been pretty solid, ntm bargains (a tenner each for TLoU HD and TR: DE).
        Aslo i remember some developer making some comment about how the last gen was going on too long and they wanted to move on to hardware that would allow them to introduce new gaming features. The thing is though, whilst a developer (and indeed anyone into software development) might be chomping at the bit for the next magic toolbox to play with, it just wouldn’t make sense to drop what they already know whilst they learn their way around the new hardware – or to ignore an install base of at least tens of millions in order to switch to an install base that had just gotten underway.
        So long as each generation of hardware is different to the preceding one , the transition period will always involve a mix of previous-gen, next-gen, cross-gen and remasters imo.
        Of course that doesn’t mean we have to like it – or indeed buy into it. Everyone has a choice and is entitled to their own opinion.
        That’s one of the things that made me join TSA – folks can debate an issue here without resorting to name-calling or attacking someone … well, 99.99% of the time at least .. ;-)

  7. 1 & 2 were some of my favourite PS3 games, so I’d probs give this a go. I’m not really into remasters though generally.

  8. I’m going to take a nap for a while, please someone give me a nudge when the HD remasters are over.

  9. Hope this is real.

  10. “balls and deep” I’m in!

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