Super Meat Boy Releasing On PS4 & Vita This Year, Will Have PlayStation Plus Launch

Team Meat has announced that Super Meat Boy will finally be gracing PlayStation consoles this year, and will launch during the autumn on PS4 & Vita. To make up for the fact there has been such a long wait for the tough platformer to make it to Sony’s consoles it will be part of a Plus line up at launch. Yes that means all Plus subscribers will get access to the game for no extra cost.

Super Meat Boy won’t be coming to PS3 though, which could be due to past contractual agreements with different parties. If you’ve not yet played Super Meat Boy be prepared and realise that beneath the cartoonish look it is really rather difficult, with death at every jump. I have the game sitting unfinished on my laptop due to fear that I would break my controller.

Source: PS Blog


  1. Very random, over-due and cool. I’ll finally get around to trying it and tidy that it’s PS+

  2. So they rather stupidly signed contracts that wouldn’t let them do a PS3 version, then had a good whinge at MS when it was released, and now they’re doing a PS4 version? And giving it away for free? (Well, whatever Sony paid them to have it on PS+)

    How long before they start moaning about not making any money again? Will the “Grrr, more retro indie crap on PS+” crowd start moaning about things first?

    • this is actually a good indie. people complain about PS PLUS now because its just shovelware indies like Doki Doki Universe and Stick it to the man.

      • Stick it to the man was pretty good I thought.

    • To be fair PS+ have released some good games over the years but IMO the service or games being provided has gone down hill.

      I don’t even play the games that are being given away anymore, which begs the question, what am I paying for now days, online play?

      I can do that for free on my PC and do.

      • How do you know it’s gone downhill if you don’t play the games? You might be missing out on something fun there.

        This month, there’s 2 good games that people might have overlooked, 2 that seem quite fun so far, 1 which is a big steaming pile of crap, and 1 that reminds me exactly why I can’t stand stealthy bits in any game, ever.

        Enough there for my £3.34 this month, really.

      • @MrYd
        I have overlooked everything so far this month, as nothing particularly took my fancy (or actually looked that good for that matter!) – Is there something I should be changing my mind on & downloading right now? Well, maybe not right now, but when I get home perhaps…

        Are the two good games that people may have overlooked on PS3? Because I haven’t really bothered downloading anything for that for a while now.

      • Yes, I’d recommend the 2 PS3 games. Call of Juarez is a lot of fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. And Cloudberry Kingdom will drive you completely mad. It’s got just the right level of “I hate this game, it’s far too annoyingly difficult, and I’m never going to play it again after I have just 1 final attempt at it”.

        Super Exploding Zoo has exploding animals. What more do you want? It’s quite fun but then I got a bit stuck. In a “I’ll come back to it in a day or 2” way.

        Not convinced either way by Skulls of the Shogun yet. Need to sit down and have a good long session with it.

        Futuridium is terrible though. And that leaves just 1 game, and I’m not saying any more in case I get into a rant about stealth.

    • i can’t believe people like you are defending this months offering. i played better mobile games than games they put up on PS Plus.

      • 3 of the games have a metacritic score of 75, and 1 of them has a score of 73. Another hasn’t got a score yet (but has a single review giving it 80%, and the xbox version scored 81) and the last one hasn’t had any reviews at all (but it’s got cute exploding animals).

        So all fairly decent scores. And for just over 3 quid, it’s quite a bargain. Quite possibly some people may not like all of them, but if even 1 of them provides a few hours entertainment, you can’t really complain, can you?

      • Problem is, there’s so many indie games drawing on the same genres of 2D platformers or the like that for one thing, they don’t match up to their classic counterparts of the same genre from twenty to thirty years ago, and secondly all the indie games end up being the boring same old thing that they are pretty much shovelware. I really don’t think the place for them is on the consoles, and Sony have gotten that overrun with indie games that they are literally shoveling them out to people by the bucket loads via PSN. It’s good when a unique indie game comes along, but the rest border on to regurgitation of the same old stuff.

        As for the overall quality and play time, it pales in comparison to what PS+ used to deliver.

    • thats the problem here. your thinking metacritic equals quality which is laughable. the quality is so bad right now i don’t even want the games wasting space on my HDD. you played one side scroller you played them all. i dont hate all indies. games like Bastion and Meat Boy are good indies but the rest are literally shovelware. you want those type of games get a Wii U, Vita or mobile phone as those are the platfotm for indies. i want games that take full advantage of the PS4.

      • It’s not a perfect way to measure quality, but it’s an indicator. It all depends on what sort of thing you like, and I guess how much you’re expecting for £3 a month.

        A bunch of reasonably well-reviewed games seems like a decent enough offering.

        It’s quite funny watching people declare them all to be terrible though, while obviously not having played them. And at the same time suggesting the views of people who _have_ played them are “laughable”. I think the name for that is “trolling”.

        And as for “you played one side scroller”, doesn’t the same apply to any other genre of game? You’ve played one FPS, you’ve played them all? Or one RPG? Answer that one without making yourself sound foolish.

  3. Fantastic news, I was really disappointed when this never got a release on PS3 (as I had got rid of my 360 long before it was initially released and I don’t have a pc).

  4. A Million Times Yes!

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