Nintendo File Diddy Kong Trademark Ahead Of E3

Exciting times, pre-E3, when the rumour mill runs full speed and things like this pop up and bring hope to the masses.

Nintendo Europe have today filed a trademark for the term “Diddy Kong”, covering games, merchandise, clothing, and – perhaps most notably – gaming controllers and apparatus.


The ever hopeful Nintendo fan in me wants to see a new Diddy Kong Racing, or Diddy’s very own Donkey Kong Country style platforming spin-off, but, in reality, this is probably just to retrospectively cover existing properties, or at very best, the first sniff of a Diddy Kong amiibo.

Still, the hype-train rolls ever forward towards E3. Toot Toot.



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  1. He’s back again and about time too
    And this time he’s in the mood
    He can fly real high with his jetpack on
    With his pistols out, he’s one tough Kong
    He’ll make you smile when he plays his tune
    But Kremlings beware ’cause he’s after you

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