PS Now Launches On Samsung Televisions

A major milestone has occurred in Sony’s plans for world domination as PlayStation Now is now available on devices other than those with Sony logo.

As of today the service is available on select Samsung smart TVs in both the US and Canada but you will still need to buy a a Dualshock 4 controller to play the games. It is the first time (legally) that you will be able to play PlayStation games on anything other than a Sony device, and if it proves popular, could be a major revenue source for the Japanese company.

Much like the console version, PlayStation Now on Samsung TV includes trophies, online multiplayer, and cloud-based game saves.

PlayStation Now is still in beta in the UK and no launch date has been announced.

Source: The Verge


  1. That’s great news. Shame it doesn’t come with a controller to make it easier and more attractive for people who may not be sure whether they’d use the service, although I guess it’s pointless upping the price of the TV to include one when some people simply won’t use the service.

  2. And that happens the day the UK beta hits the “here’s what stupid prices we think you might like to pay”.

    Seems to be £7.99 or £9.99 for a 30 day rental. Which is amazingly stupid for games that cost £7.99 to buy in the first place. Based on those prices and the US prices (which vary a lot more), I’m going to guess that $20 and $45 subscription comes out to about £20 and £50. In which case, no.

    • first time i agree with you. Sony are having a laugh with these prices trying to cash in on nostalgia. whats even more funny is every PS3 game is getting remastered these days so why would people want to pay for stream of PS3 games which were already bad ports last gen. PS Now will fail miserably and it would have been cheaper to just put the Cell chip in the PS4 instead of wasting money on a cloud streaming company.

      • I’m not sure it will fail. It’s a good service that mostly just works very well (avoid fighting games though).

        But those prices are a bit much. Hopefully, they’ll settle on something more reasonable in the end. Looking at the US prices, they’ve converted to real money, slapped on VAT and then added up to 50% on top of that. If they can get the price down, it’ll be worth a look. Particularly the subscription option.

        Building backward compatibility into the PS4 would have been a huge mistake though. What happened with the PS3? That had it to start with, cost lots of money, and didn’t sell. For something that most people probably didn’t really need. Get rid of it, drop the price, and eventually the PS3 comes out ahead of the 360. Like the story of the hairy tortoise.

        This time, they got rid of lots of extra crap nobody needs, got the price down to start with, and got off to a massive headstart MS won’t manage to catch up on without doing the business equivalent of painting a tunnel on the side of a mountain. Whatever that might be.

    • for all of our sakes it better fail. Sony are doing exactly what MS were trying to do. PS Now is the definition of DRM. if PS Now succeeds PS5 WILL BE a streaming only box. Sony themselves are calling it “the future”.

    • Oof expensive it is. Cheers for the heads up about the extortionate pricing. I added a load of games to my queue the weekend thinking they’d honour the game if not played but you can’t either. If they’re been played you can until it expires by the looks of it. Also I played Streetfighter 4 on there and had no problems although I haven’t played an online match.

  3. I don’t know if mine will be supported if it comes to the UK, it’s a mid range 2011 model and it never had Gaikai when that was on Samsung tvs, although I don’t know if that ever came to the UK.

    Pity as it’s hooked up to Fibre optic through a bt hub 5 with a 1m ethernet cable, so perfect for game streaming.

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