Original Devs Involved In Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition Remaster

THQ’s bankruptcy was a messy, messy affair, – can a bankruptcy be anything else? – with their numerous licenses and IPs being picked up by a variety of different publishers, each with different thoughts on how best to make use of them, development teams struggling to stay together and, of course, a lot of people finding themselves without a job.

The Darksiders series was picked up by Nordic Games, who spoke to Polygon and have finally confirmed their plans for the games and the already leaked Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition, which is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this winter.


However, a nice twist in the tail is that the development team responsible for the port is Gunfire Games, who are made up almost entirely of ex-Vigil Games staff and found their way to Nordic via a stint with Crytek. Naturally, they have a quite intimate knowledge of the game, and it’s from here that you can see Nordic’s potential path for the series’ future.

Nordic Games spokesman Phillip Brock said, “Since Darksiders is an active project for us we are obviously making up our minds about [Darksiders 3]. So far we have nothing to officially announce though.” And with regard to a remaster of the first game, he added, “We think it could be a great project, though, and in comparison to the original version we could make a huge step forward.”

Of course, saying anything about Darksiders 3 at this stage would be putting the cart before the horse, what with Gunfire knee deep in development of this remaster of the second, but should it prove to be a successful re-release, then green lighting a third entry in the series would be much more conceivable.

Source: Polygon



  1. cash grab at its best. why not bundle it with the first game which was miles better than the second one ? when you see collections like Uncharted, Halo and Borderands all have 2, 3 and even 4 games it makes trash like this even greedy. either bundle it with the first one or go home.

    • Depends on cost surely? Uncharted Collection is a £50RRP game (as was The Last of Us) – if this comes out at the ‘budget’ price point (£20-30) that many of the other remasters are priced at when they launch, then it’s not a bad deal.

      It would be nice to have the first one included though.

  2. Surely It makes sense to remaster both if they are going to bother at all? Although I suppose the Handsome edition was only the second and the pre-sequel

    Again which i thought was a weird idea,..

    • Being that Nordic picked up Darksiders due to THQ going into administration, it could be that they only had the second game as part of that (in order to build on it for future projects). It may be that they don’t even have the first game available to them to remaster. Granted, that seems unlikely, but you never know (& it does say that they acquired the series).

      For what its worth though, if they do have the first one available to them as well, then it is pretty bonkers that they would choose to completely ignore that one in favour of just remastering the second one (that seemingly not as many people got on with).

  3. As others have said, include the first one or don’t bother at all. DS2 was given on 360 on Games with gold and I presume it’s been on plus too. Can’t see it selling much.

    • Actually, PS+ had the first game, not the sequel. So it makes a little bit more sense to remaster the second game for the PS4 and not the first.

      • Indeed it does, turns out it may be ps4 only as well which makes more sense given the higher sales too.

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