Crackdown, Quantum Break And Scalebound Are Skipping Microsoft’s E3 Conference

In a blog post on Xbox Wire, geared towards E3 and Microsoft’s close work with Oculus Rift and Windows 10 – like streaming Xbox One games to a virtual living room that will be neater, tidier and better lit than what you have in real life – Phil Spencer let slip that a number of major games will be missing from the Microsoft press conference.

Naturally, he name drops Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider to be shown at length, and promises more surprises for the 90 minute press conference, but admits that they’re holding some things back for Gamescom, including Crackdown, Quantum Break and Platinum Games’ Scalebound. All of which seems to indicate that, where we didn’t already know for certain, these three games are geared towards a 2016 release.


It’s news to bear in mind, when picking from all the many, many choices in our traditional E3 bingo competition. We waited as long as we could before locking the list, but this year has had a remarkable number of early announcements, confirmations and denials that there will be plenty of things that slipped through.

Oh, and it totally breaks some of our predictions from our upcoming Pre-E3 podcast. Damn you, Phil Spencer!

Source: Xbox Wire



  1. Well that’s one of my bingo predictions down the shitter, lol!

  2. Loved Crackdown 1, the sequel was a let down though.

  3. 2 of my anticipated X1 titles… Oh well only a few weeks more to wait for GC.

  4. 2 points down the drain already.

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