TSA E3 Bingo 2015

I can’t quite believe that this is the 7th annual TSA E3 Bingo! You would have thought that after seven years, many of us would have perfected the mystical art of foreseeing what each conference will hold, but every year, I (and many of you I’m sure) end up with some hilariously bad scores!

Whether you’re a Bingo veteran or this is your first time, I’ll quickly recap the aim of the game. Below, you will find a set of 12 drop menus that contain things which may or may not appear or occur during the conferences for you to choose from. The bracketed number alongside signifies the number of points each item is worth, with the more likely options having fewer points, and the less likely and more unusual options rewarding you with more points.

If you pick correctly and your choices occur during E3, you’ll get the points, with the winner being the person with the most points and not necessarily the person who picks the most options correctly! You have until the curtains are pulled back and Bethesda’s show starts to get your entry in, so there’s not a huge amount of time, but we wanted to keep the entry window small to give everyone a fair chance and try to mop up as many of the confirmed showing and rumours as possible – a near impossible task.

If you want to take a look at the full list in all it’s glory, you can head over to the second page. We’ve tried to cover a huge array of stuff, but don’t be surprised if we’ve missed something, or if our supposedly outlandish predictions actually, somehow, manage to come true.

The Rules

Simply pick 12 unique options from the list below and submit the form. You can only enter once, so make sure you’re happy with your choices and try not to pick duplicates, as they won’t count. Make sure you get your entry in by 02:29AM BST on Monday 15th June, otherwise it won’t count. Our usual T&Cs apply and where it’s debatable if an option came true or not, our decision is final.

Once all the conferences have wrapped up, we’ll aim to get the results to you as soon as we can, but please be aware that counting them all up can take a little while.

All that’s left to say is good luck, and enjoy E3!

Entries are now closed. Thanks for playing, and we’ll have the results posted as soon as possible.

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  1. I’m mega busy today, so just whizzed through my choices.

  2. I want bonus points if anything Warhawk related is announced.
    I’m hoping I strike out again thus year. That would be 7 years on the bounce I’ve got this wrong. I’m a crap veteran.

  3. Going for two years in a row!

  4. I’m really bad at this…. :D

  5. What do you win?

  6. Aisha Taylor does not swear

    come on, 7?

    should be at least 32 points if that happens. ^_^

    i voted for a few that i hope happen rather than i think will actually happen, especially the FF XII remaster.

  7. Hmmm, I played safe again.

    I was spoilt for choice which can only mean good things.

    Agent might be something to do with that teaser website last week. And it might not be called Agent, it was originally supposed to be LA noire as the exclusive game but that got changed.

  8. Let’s go, The Last Guardian! One year I’ll have to get it right.

  9. Always come back for the Bingo. Did pretty well last time if I remember and been on an upwards trend the past four year so here’s hoping :D Taken some punts on this one…

  10. love this time of year.if i do better than i did last year i shall reward myself with huge pat on the back!

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