Gears Of War Remaster Leaks (Again) Ahead Of E3

It appears that the Gears of War remasters have popped up slightly early via the game’s own website, albeit the Russian version.

The text shows the game will be out on August 25th, will include dedicate servers, 90 minutes of new content, and runs at 60fps.


Source: DualShockers



  1. Will this be on PC at any point, do we think? I fancy giving them a go, but have never owned a Xbox 360 or One.

    • The Original is on PC, not sure PC would get a remastered release, especially as I’m pretty sure Epic (original devs) are not doing the remaster.

  2. Hmm that’s a surprise as it was thought Gears 1 was being remastered with it being the 10 year anniversary. Release date is a nice surprise.

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