Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets Knights Of The Fallen Empire Expansion In October

EA has announced a new expansion for Star Wars: Knights Of The Fallen Empire, which will launch for free to subscribers on October 27th. According to what was said at the press conference this expansion will have the same feel to it as Bioware’s other Star Wars single player games, aka Knights Of The Old Republic. There will be new planets to explore, new missions to take on, and new companions to join in on the quest.


The story seems to revolve around two brothers, who appear to be on opposite sides but work together at the same time. That is until there is a bit of a falling out.


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  1. i’d play the game if they ever fixed that stupid thing where it fucks up your windows display settings.
    been a problem for years and they still haven’t fixed it.

    i had it on two different PCs with two different OSs, two different brands of graphics cards and two different monitors.

    actually forget what i said, that game is not going anywhere near any pc i own ever again.

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