Manage Your Own Fallout Shelter On iOS Tonight

Not content with making Fallout 4, Bethesda Game Studios have been busying themselves with a little side project that lets you create and manage your own fallout shelter. It is, quite appropriately, called Fallout Shelter, and it’s out on iOS today. And it’s free, without any paywalls to spoil your fun.

Speaking on stage, Bethesda’s Todd Howard was more than happy to admit that they’ve taken inspiration from others along the way. The shelther itself has a kind of ant farm look to it, which you might remember from the recent XCOM reboot, while he also name dropped SimCity, FTL and Progression Quest.

All of your vault dwellers have stats, which you can boost with different rooms that you built in your shelter, while you have to deal with accidents and manage food, water and power resources. Of course, you get to send your vault dwellers off into the wasteland to see what’s out in the wide open world, but getting more hapless explorers means you need to be getting your people to make a little whoopie, to get little human people.

It all sounds like a good way to tide yourselves over until Fallout 4 eventually comes out on November 10th.

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  1. Downloaded this at 9am..
    My battery is now on its second charge.

    Very addictive.

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