Atari Classic Battlezone Gets Rebooted For Project Morpheus

In 2013 Atari sold off a load of it’s IPs and Rebellion managed to grab the classic vector tank battle game, Battlezone. They have been beavering away on a new version of the game and it has been now announced for Sony’s Project Morpheus VR system.

“It’s still early days, so we don’t have launch dates or final features to share with you yet but hopefully the early footage will show you our vision for epic tank combat amongst some truly monumental sci fi environments,” say Rebellion.

I’m old enough to remember the original game and I have to say this is the first Project Morpehus game that has got my attention.

Source: YouTube



  1. So are these things VR only or do they work normally with the PS4 too?

  2. I’m also old enough to remember playing this in the arcades. I think there was some kind of version or copy I had on my Sinclair Spectrum ,the version on Atari 2600 was just not the same without the Vector graphics but still great fun. Im intrigued in all this VR especially as I’ve never tried it in any form and this looks really cool
    Also recently read Ready Player One which was such a good book and has got me reinterested in the whole VR angle.

  3. Many times I stood in front of the BattleZone cabinet with my head firmly pressed in to the scope. Great fun.

    I love the new images and video. The crisp, sharp vector graphics looks great and very in keeping with the original. I also like the high contrast they’ve added in there, though I hope it’s not just a little post-processing of the images, as a super high contrast filter on top of those gloriously crisp vector graphics will really make this title shine.

  4. Ahh. The first arcade machine my mum hated! Chip shop, 10p, and 3 cups of tea later = the only time I remember her ever swearing! Shocked me enough that I finally lost my last life. If this is as good, it’s an instant buy.

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