Square Enix Announce New NieR Project From Platinum Games, Exclusively For PS4


There’s a truly star studded and hugely experienced team of developers gathering together at Platinum Games to work on a new entry in the Nier series – currently dubbed Nier New Project, as it’s still very early in development.

Platinum Games are taking on development duties, with Director Yoko Taro in a crazy Moon-head mask and Producer Atsushi Inaba both taking to the stage to explain their enthusiasm for the title. They were invited by Square Enix to reinvigorate the series with a focus on the kind of action gameplay that Platinum are so very able to deliver.

Unfortunately, aside from some artwork and a small amount of animation, there’s little being said about the game, except that it’s exclusively for PS4 and that more information, including its subtitle, will be made available in the autumn.


  1. i don’t think anybody saw that one coming.

    • After FF7 getting remade and Shenmue 3 suddenly appearing out of nowhere, I doubt there’s anything anyone could announce that would surprise me.

      An unexpected sequel to a not too bad game is a good thing though. A fun game with lots of interesting ideas that they didn’t quite manage to get right. A sequel could turn out good. As long as it has random text adventures thrown in when you least expect it. And no fishing. Not that I agree with some of the complaints about the fishing game which seemed to confuse some people who couldn’t read or weren’t paying attention. I just never want to see another sodding fishing mini-game in an RPG again.

      • Glad I read this before commenting. It would’ve looked suspiciously like a cut and paste. :)

  2. The folks at Platinum must hate vacations. They’re developing Scalebound for Xbox, Star Fox for Nintendo, Transformers for Activision and Nier 2 for Square-Enix.

    • I hope they aren’t spreading themselves to thinly…

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