Trackmania Turbo Races To PS4, Xbox One

Ubisoft has announced that TrackMania will be coming to consoles in TrackMania Turbo, with a PC release also expected. There will be 200 standard tracks to drive across, but there is also a track builder that can randomly generate new courses to master. There will be five difficulty levels, and a number of environments to play in. You’ll be able to race against other player’s ghosts in an effort to top the global leaderboards, and there is also the option to race others in real time too. There was a mention of a VR version too, though what that will be like I have no idea.


A release date is yet to be confirmed.



  1. This looks like a fun little racer.

  2. I have spent so many years in the previous games. So much love for the series

    • Me too, they’re such brilliant just-one-more-go games. This looks very pretty, love the new cars, and it’s about time Trackmania made it to a console or two!

  3. Great! Honestly a great time to be a fan of games with wheels and engines.

  4. Well this was unexpected! Never thought i’d see this on a console. Will probably slip under the radar with all the other announcements being made but i think it’ll get a lot of traction (sorry ;-)) when released. I guess that user created levels will be a big part of the game as community is what TM is about.

  5. Looks like WipeOut to me!

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