See Adam Jensen In Action With 25 Minute Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Demo

In the grand scheme of things, the new Deus Ex didn’t get a ton of press at E3. Sure, Square Enix did roll out a gameplay trailer, but in comparison to what other marquee games were showing, that was a pretty light presence. Thankfully, we got something far more substantial later in the week. A 25 minute gameplay demo just hit the web, and you can find it just below.

The demo shows Jensen a couple of different scenarios, though the start of the video is largely dialog and cinematic driven. Skip to the 7:30 mark if you want to jump to the action. Also, the demo warns of a spoiler section between 18:25 and 22:20 of the video.

Source: YouTube



  1. Loving the look of this. Always been fascinated with the world of Deus Ex since the first game. Except when I tell my wife what I am playing and she thinks I am saying “Day of sex”. Awkward

    • Thank you for the insight in to the psychology of your marriage. Intriguing. ;-)

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