PSN Maintenance Very Early Next Tuesday Morning

This is primarily for our readers in North America as the latest batch of PSN Maintenance will occur at peak game time for them. Account Management, PlayStation Video, and the PlayStation Store will be offline on Monday, June 29th, from 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM Pacific Time (12:00 AM to 2:00 AM Eastern Time, May 12th).

Math wizards will have already worked out that the window starts at 5.30AM BST Tuesday morning, so you’re going to have to be an insomniac to be browsing the PS Store at that time of day.


Unusually Sony do not state that logging in within 24 hours before the start of the maintenance will ensure you can still play online.




  1. I love how that’s 2 hours Eastern Time and only 90 minutes Pacific Time. What exactly are Sony trying to say there? It’s confusing.

    On the other hand, that’s 5 or possibly 5.30 in the morning here, so who cares?

    • Ha, well spotted.

      • I’m very observant. I can spot weird times as well as 2 black bars at the top of a screen ;)

        Also I really want to snog Anne Widdicombe! What a babe!

      • And I have the power to edit your comments and make you say you want to snog Anne Widdicombe. So shush :P

      • Ok, you win. Can you make it go away now please? That’s kind of disturbing, really.

      • Yes, make the reference to Anne Widdicombe go away in your own comment TC – Then it’ll look like he really did actually say it! ;)

        No-one will know! Although you may then have to edit this comment too. Where does it end??

    • Must be the time difference thing – Like when it lands in one place it’s either half an hour later or earlier than in the other place.

      What do you mean maintenance times are different to planes?

      • Well, one involves flying and the other involves Tuffcub. Don’t ask why. :P

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