Xbox Elite Controller Vi-doc Talks Details And Inspiration

Microsoft announcing a new ‘elite’ controller at E3 came as a bit of a surprise to me, especially since a new revision of the standard controller leaked ahead of time with a 3.5mm jack on the bottom. But alas, the new controller is coming this holiday and features an insane amount of customisation. Microsoft just released a new video documentary about how the controller was made and what all it comes with.


Looks cool, right? Unfortunately, it comes with a hefty downside. It’s $149.99 in the states, and the only place I can find selling them in Europe is GAME, who currently have it listed for £129.99.

I’m all for a new controller with fancy features not found on the originals, but that’s almost half what the entire console costs. I’m very curious to see what the demand for this controller will be when it launches.

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  1. So basically MS spent $1 billion on the Xboxone controller & still got it wrong??

  2. I’d like one but not at that price. Ripoff. Hopefully a 3rd party one comes along at a more reasonable price.

  3. £130?? And that left stick is still in the wrong place?

  4. Still got the left analogue stick in the wrong place Like the metal and customisation options though, if this sells then maybe someone will make a PSX style one…

    • Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t got freaky, asymmetrical hands and would much rather have the sticks in the right place.

    • Problem I have with the thumb sticks being next to each other is when they’re both pushed towards each other my thumbs meet. Much prefer the offset style.

      • Oh dear, have your thumbs had a disagreement then? ;)

        Seriously though, my hands are of fairly average size (I guess?) & have never found that to be an issue – Do you have particularly large thumbs then?

        (… not a question I ever thought I would find myself asking btw!)

      • Both are fine, but the MS analog stick position is little more logical for all of us who came from the D pad movement of the retro consoles. Lets not forget Nintendo’s similar set up too.

        Laughable that people say its in the wrong position. What’s the right one???

      • Although, that’s not strictly true as I have had the majority of consoles back to the Atari 7200 & I actually prefer the Dualshock placement. The positioning of things just seems better to me.

        You are correct however in saying that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, as its just what you feel comfortable with. For me, the Xbox controllers never felt right as the left analogue seemed to be in the wrong position for me, leading me to holding it at a curious angle for it to feel serviceable. It also always felt a little cheap to me, like a madcats 3rd party controller or something. Felt a bit like a ‘my first controller’ by kiddiecraft or something to me.

        Plus, I am a massive fan of symmetry. You seemingly can’t get that from Microsoft! :D

        Again though, to come back to your point about what’s ‘right’, all of the above is my own personal opinion & would never tell someone that they were ‘wrong’ for having a different one. Different folks like different things & that’s fine.

      • Oh no! The old “everyone’s opinion is equally valid” argument. Which I guess is true, except some are more valid than others. Or “right” as I like to call it.

        Weird placement of sticks in a non-symmetrical position is wrong. MS are wrong to do that. Anyone who thinks it’s right, is quite obviously wrong. And you’ve probably got weird, freaky hands.

        But your opinion is perfectly valid. And you probably get a special prize just for stating it.

        Yes, I’m hot today and gradually moving from “mild sarcasm” into “massively sarcastic rants”.

      • The transition was subtle. ;-)

      • And since we’re on the subject Valve have the stick placement wrong as well, pah :)

      • I believe my thumbs be normal, but maybe my method of using the joint part of the thumb rather than the tips is the cause?! Is this normal? Am I normal?… Don’t answer that.

    • It was fabled that one day a man from the stars would appear with unanswerable questions regarding thumb joints :P
      Don’t sweat dude we all have our quirks, I can’t stand the concave nature of the DS4 designed thumbsticks but my moans won’t alter anything….just adapt was my way ;)

  5. The best controller (IMO) just got way better…but £130 better —-> :-/ Still, I shall find out on release as I just couldn’t help myself.

    Would like to see improvement to the DS4 too. A better battery and the left stick moved to the right place would warrant the £59.99 RRP :-p

  6. Looks really good and a great idea. I would love to see something like this for the DS4 but certainly not at that price.

  7. My old faithful F710 could use some of that non stick coating around the sticks, it has worn grooves around both the stems :)

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