EU PlayStation Plus Updates Will Now Fall On Tuesdays

It’s always been a bit annoying that the EU and US updates for the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus updates have happened on different days of the week. It looks like SCEE are taking a small step in the right direction though, as they’re aligning PlayStation Plus updates to land on the same day as those in North America.

Responding to comments on the PlayStation Blog, Fred Dutton explained that the EU won’t be seeing an update this week as a consequence of this new policy:


Hey folks. As of this month, Plus games go live in both EU and US on the first tuesday of the month (no longer Wednesday in EU). The first Tuesday in July is 7th July, hence why the games aren’t launching this week.

What those games will be, we don’t yet know, but this week marks the fifth anniversary of the subscription service first going live, so it would be a bit of a surprise if there weren’t a little fanfare and special announcements to celebrate.

Source: EU PS Blog, via Videogamer



  1. So we’ll get them before the US, makes a change!

    • Er no, we get them on the same day as them. We would have got them before them, but they changed the rules.

      • No, we wouldn’t have got them before the US. The “rules” always seemed to be that the US get them on the first Tuesday of the month, and we get them the day after, which may or may not be the first Wednesday of the month.

        So we wouldn’t have got them this week.

        But now, if everyone gets them on the first Tuesday, we get them before the US. Probably. Due to time differences. That thing where the Americans are 5 to 8 hours behind us. (Or many, many years in some cases ;)

        Of course, Sony could decided that’s also unfair, and somehow update the US store sometime in the middle of the night. Or, more likely, it’ll be delayed here and they won’t appear until Tuesday evening.

      • Well if I fancy any of the PS Plus games & log onto the store from work, they usually become available from about 2 or 3pm, so if they get their PS Plus update in the morning around 9ish, it probably will be at the same time.

      • It was the time difference I was thinking of.

    • Yeah we do, by a matter of hours though!

  2. Hmm don’t like being kept in the dark about plus content, I prefer to be disappointed ahead of update day, or stoked depending on the content

    • It used to leak a week or two before (I think) but now it’s a couple of days before. Maybe Sony have improved their security…? :D

  3. yeah, because god forbid we get it before sony’s beloved americans.

    they can’t stand it if their precious americans wait a week, but four months on still no sign of Powers for most of the world.

  4. Has anyone else got the email about a picture?

    • Some people have, apparently.

      *edit* just got mine.

  5. Is this just for PS+? I assume the Store updates will remain on Wednesdays?

    ALso, how long do you have between them announcing next month’s games and them pulling the current month’s games?

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