[UPDATED] Nolan North Accidentally Confirms The Last Of Us 2

Nolan North you really should know better by now, tut tut! Everyone’s favourite PlayStation voice over star has said something he probably should have not.

Speaking at Metrocon he was asked by a fan if he would be working with Naughty Dog after his staring role in Uncharted 4. “For now, last one. I know they’re doing Last of Us 2, but my character in Last of Us kinda met an untimely demise,” said North.

However, Troy Baker, who played lead character Joel, ‘knows nothing’ about whether there will be another game. Speaking at last weekend’s Indy Popcon he told fans;

“Okay, so I’m… And by the way I know nothing. I don’t know if we’re gonna do another one or not. If we do, then I trust Neil [Druckmann, creative director] and Bruce [Straley, game director] and everyone at Naughty Dog to tell a story that needs to be told.”

“I can go either way, though, because I think it could stand alone as just at its own thing. Like Journey, the game, not the band, it didn’t need a sequel necessarily. It stood alone as a standalone piece of art that I think is incredible and if you haven’t played it, it’s amazing.”

He continued;

“But for me, there’s so much… You know, spoiler, when you go from the prologue and then credits and then cut to 20 years later, you see a completely different guy,” he continued. “You see someone that was a dad that was just trying to do everything he could to take care of his daughter to now, this feared, brutal man that has, as it said in the character description when I first auditioned for it, a man who has few moral lines left to cross.”

“That’s a very profound statement to make of someone, and if that’s true what led him to that place. So there’s a part of me that wants to see those 20 years, but if you played Left Behind there’s so much about Ellie that I want to know. We got to see obviously in that what happened when she mentions at the very end of The Last of Us, when she talks about her and Riley. So being able to see that, I kind of want to see more about Joel, but I almost want to see it… I don’t know, man, I go back and forth.”

“But again, I have to default to this: I trust Neil and Bruce implicitly, so if they were to make a sequel, whatever they decide to take, even if they honestly – I believe in The Last of Us so much that even if Joel and Ellie weren’t in it that would still be a game that I want to play or a story that I would want to experience.”

Naughty Dog are beavering away on Uncharted 4 but have previously said that they had some thoughts about a sequel to The Last of Us.

Source: YouTube via Videogamer and Videogamer



  1. Great stuff, though I don’t know how they’re going to continue that story with that particular set of characters.

    • Does it have to be the same characters? I’m sure whatever characters they used, they could come up with a compelling, well acted story in a gorgeous looking game.

      If the gameplay could match that (and not just be “adequate” as in the first), they could have one of those cases where the sequel is better than the original.

      And if they got rid of the terrible, unnecessary multiplayer part as well, that’d be nice.

      • I definitely wouldn’t want them to skip multiplayer. It was fantastic in the first game, one of the most unique out there. It would be a disaster to abandon it without so much as a consideration.

      • Don’t worry, I doubt they’d get rid of the multiplayer part, it was very popular. That would be one of the main reasons for me buying a sequel on day one.

      • Love the multiplayer, one of my favourite MP experiences in gaming. Tense, gritty, polished and you could work as a team or risk going Lonewolf. If anything – I hope they expand upon the MP in a second game.

      • The MP was epic, how can you call it unnecessary, it was a fresh of breath air, the fact that it limited you & forced you to play wisely or die. No gun blazing maniacs. Quality MP

      • ‘I hope they get rid of the multiplayer because I don’t like it and I am the only person who played that game so they should cater the sequel to my exact wishes’

  2. Bugger, a spoiler warning would have been nice! Guess I don’t need to play the first one now :p

    Hopefully we’ll see the game coming to Plus at some point if a sequel is in the works?

    • I doubt it will come to plus, maybe the left behind DLC but not the full game.

      • I can see it coming to plus – Maybe some way off perhaps (as they would probably want to tout the remaster I guess?), but I can’t see any reason for them not to once its dropped in price a little.

      • I see what you saying but it’s a top naughty dog game, Sony wouldn’t give that for free, look at uncharted, they gave us the one we didn’t want for free so I highly doubt they would give their treasure of a game for free

      • Actually it’s likely that isn’t the issue – Thinking about it, it may not come to plus due to the age rating.

        Dunno if I’d go as far as to call it a ‘treasure’ of a game though – Seemed pretty standard to me & nothing wowed me at all.

    • I can’t believe you haven’t played it yet – or managed to avoid spoilers so far! :)
      If they do offer Left Behind free on plus just be aware that it has at least one big spoiler for the main game.

    • It’s still a great game spoiled or not. I replayed it again recently and enjoyed it as much if not more than the first time I played it. It’s like re-watching your favourite movie.

    • While the spoiler could use a bit more telegraphing, he is only talking about the first 20 mins of gameplay. There is a whole other game on the other side, definitely worth experiencing!

      • Oh, is North not the Gerrard Butler bloke in the game? Maybe it hasn’t been spoiled then!

      • No, that’s Troy Baker. North plays a bit-part.

        Some utter tool spoilt all of the major plot points (here on TSA) by posting them on launch day. I remember Tef and I furiously trying to delete them but I’d read them simply by looking at the post. Couldn’t “un-see” it. :-( Thankfully, The Last of Us is a stunning game so it really didn’t matter. My only reservation is that you’re cynical going in and didn’t really enjoy Uncharted. If you look at what bothered you with Uncharted it might help decide whether to take the plunge with this franchise or not.

      • I think I got 2/3 of the way through Uncharted 2 before getting bored and giving up. It was a very pretty game, and I liked the set pieces, but there was just too much filler. It quickly got repetitive entering an arena, clearing out bad guys and moving onto the next arena. And all the time, you just had to hide behind objects and cover shoot waves after waves of guys, followed up by a big tanky chap. If they condensed it down a bit more, I think it would hold my interest.

        From what I’ve read, TLoU is a bit better as it’s more stealth based with set pieces? Or is there still a lot of wave/arena filler?

      • Far “quieter” in the fighting sense but you ideally need to be invested into the narrative or you are foooked! :-)

    • I’m not too bothered about it being spoiled as I don’t care about it that much, it was just going to be one of those games I could pick up under 15 quid. I didn’t get on well with Uncharted 2 and I think this will be similar, but I want to give it a go at least.

      • It’s a shame you never finished U2, my all time fave. I’m 2 nights into The Last of Us on PS4, it took a while to adjust to the controls, it’s not everything i’d hoped but its getting there.

  3. Brilliant news, I don’t feel anxious about this being just a money spinner at all, I reckon Naughty Dog will have a great story to tell, can’t wait!

  4. Even if ND don’t want to do a sequel, it’s too big a game for Sony to not demand another. To say they milked the first one would be a understatement.

    • I can’t see Sony demanding ND to make a sequel. I’m sure they’d be just as happy with a new IP from Naughty Dog.
      They’ve done a great job promotional wise selling this game, then the Remastered version for the PS4 as it rightfully deserves it. The fact that gazzagb hasn’t played TLOU and several other people I know, tells me Sony haven’t milked it.

      • I guarantee you it’s been milked through and through. PS3 release, PS3 Season Pass, PS3 costume items (over 30 items), PS3 Game of the Year Release, PS3 Standalone DLC release with add-ons, PS4 Remaster release, PS3/PS4 Second Stage DLC (not included in Season Pass), PS4 Standalone DLC release with add-ons.

        To say they milked it IS an understatement, though it may be Naughty Dog who has gotten their hands dirty with the cows rudder rather than Sony.

      • That just sounds like every other game these days. Maybe in years to come when it’s been re-released on PS5 and Vita 2, ported to the Xbox Zero or the wii Z, then we can say they’re milking it. It will be the modern equivalent of Resi 4 at that point. But we’re not quite there yet. By those standards every single game released in the last five years has been milked.

      • Not too sure about that. I think it’s with the Standalone DLC + Add-ons as well as costume items and second bout of DLC that ND cross the line. TLoU is a good game either way, so it’s good that it expands onto PS4 and includes previous DLC and stuff, but these days it’s cheaper to just buy the game physically or a complete digital purchase. The recent add-on debacle is expensive to say the least.

      • But those costume dlcs are completely optional and unnecessary are they not? You might be surprised (I was) but some people actually ask for that stuff on forums, twitter, etc.

        And standalone Left Behind is good for people who played just the original game on PS3 i’m guessing.

        What I’m getting at, is that ‘milking’, in my opinion is where the consumer/gamer is detrimentally affected. I’m not seeing that with the above. Or where a franchise is milked by becoming annualised or semi-annualised and still being full price.

        HOWEVER, to argue with myself, I did notice some paid for Multiplayer ‘boosts’ which is absolutely wrong in a full priced game, so there has been a bit of milking.

    • Sony and ND have stated before multiple times that ND has full creative control; Sony ‘trusts’ ND. To contrast in the old days (of Mattrick & co, thankfully Spencer is at the helm now) when Bungie weren’t allowed to make Destiny for MS.

      But I do think there will be another Last of Us :)

      And why have they milked it? Ported to a different console? Why wouldn’t they make the most of such a successful game. Especially as 40% of PS4 owners supposedly never owned a PS3.

      • Well that kicked off! Wasn’t saying milking it was bad, rather that it shows Sony know it’s very popular. And we know that any game that does that well usually gets a sequel.

      • The term milking it isn’t a positive one though. The actual definition being to drag something out to the point of taking the piss and abusing the gratitude of others. I don’t see how that could be considered anything but negative. It would be like someone saying you’re a complete dumbass and then following it up with but I don’t mean that in a bad way…

      • @JR well they are a corporation after all and making money is the primary objective. So yeah, they will milk something if they know it’s very popular. Negative or not, its still the truth.

  5. I hope it’s not the same characters to be honest but I have absolute faith that Naughty Dog will deliver no matter where they take it.

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