Just Add Water Working On The PS4 & Vita Ports Of Volume

Just Add Water, the development team behind PlayStation titles such as Gravity Crash and more recently perhaps best known for their work with Oddworld Inhabitants, have today announced their next conversation project for Sony’s platforms – Volume, from Bithell Games.

We’re extremely excited to announce that we are working with Mike Bithell to bring his latest title VOLUME to PlayStation4 and VITA. Due for release on August 18th via Bithell Games, JAW has worked closely with Mike to create the title for the PlayStation family…

JAW were approached by Mike himself to handle the conversion duties for Volume due to their in-depth knowledge and expertise with PlayStation systems, having put out 9 games in the past 6 years.

Working with Stewart and his team at Just Add Water to make the PlayStation 4 and VITA versions of Volume sing has been a pleasure. A great team of lovely people who take their jobs incredibly seriously. We’re really excited to put something pretty cool out into the world on August 18th. 8/10, would port game with JAW ltd again.

We’re not entirely sure why Mike docked those 2 points, reagrdless, JAW’s CEO Stewart Gilray says the partnership heads “exciting times” for the studio who are also currently working on their own, as yet unannounced, project.

VOLUME releases across PC, PS4 & Vita August 18th.

Source: Press Release.

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  1. I’ve heard Stewart on a few podcasts, seems like a lovely fellow so I’m glad his studio is getting work. Their work on Oddworld has been tremendous.

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