News Snatch: The Division, Nier, Driveclub, Myriad and Moths

Greetings Snatchlings, welcome once more to a round up of news from the famous cylindrical file here at TSA Towers. First up, footage of one of many Warhammer games that have been announced, this one is Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Vanguards.

Dragon Quest XI will be an offline game rather than an MMO.

An alternative version of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 demo.

There have been many excuses used to explain delays for games; Bugs, dodgy servers, or in the case of Spatoon, the entire stock being stolen. Disney Infinity 2.0 was almost delayed  due to moths.

Yes, the fluttery, night time insect things.

“The container ship had probably 500 of those railroad cars on them and Infinity was in there, but one of the other containers on the ship contained Asian gypsy moths,” explained Disney Interactive’s vice president of production John Vignocchi.

“They had to take the entire ship and put it back out to sea to do the whole fumigation of it. It was like, ‘Oh goodness, some of our starter packs are going to be late to certain retailers. What are we going to do? It’s Asian gypsy moths? What is an Asian gypsy moth? Do they eat babies?”

Dear Gardner’s Question Time,

I recently planted a my WWE belt and it has yet to start sprouting. I’ve watered it, fed it regularly with a potassium and nitrate feed but nothing. What am I doing wrong? 

Yours, S. Austin.

Nissan USA managed to mistake some PS4 shots from Driveclub as actual pictures of their cars.

This is Myriad, a “beatmatched crystallization of arcade aesthetics” which is coming to PS4 and PS Vita. It looks like the kind of thing I used to see at 5am on a Sunday mornings in the basement of Turnmills.

Can you guess which game Nierly made it to PlayStation Vita?

“We’ve always had the thought of ‘wanting to do something new’ with the Nier IP,” said Square Enix’s Taro Yoko. “At first, we talked about how there are still a lot of people who’ve yet to play Nier, so we thought about making making it for PlayStation Vita and adding some kind of [new] element.”

Development was to be assigned to a team called Orca, but it was decided that Orca would handle work for Dragon Quest X, so PS Vita Nier never came to be.
A dark story trailer for The Division.

The Last Guardian is happening. This isn’t news, it just feels really, really odd after so many years of speculation. I keep on expecting Bobby Ewing to step out of the shower and reveal E3 was a dream.

Ultra Street Fighter IV update 1.04 is available now on PS4 and has a number of improvements:

  • ‘Skip’ function mapped to Cross Button during cinematics
  • Default character costume colors 11 & 12 are now unlocked
  • Anisotropic Filtering improved on all stages and characters
  • Anti-Aliasing added on all stages and characters
  • Reduced pixelation on various UI elements
  • Multiple audio balancing fixes
  • Addressed multi-hit audio issues
  • Increased resolution of visual effects
  • Sonic Boom graphical fix
  • Fixed multiple localization and font issues
  • Improved save functionality performance

And Finally, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in Grand Theft Auto V.


  1. Bobby Ewing stepping out of the shower – now that’s a reference that’s as current today as it ever was!
    Good times.

  2. Apparently there is an English language version of the MGSVTPP video coming later today

  3. Update to my previous post.

    Here’s the link to the English language version of the MGS5TPP video

  4. I had to do a double take on the Street Fighter buglist, as it mentioned a graphical fix for Sonic Boom. Damn, that game’s so broken it’s affecting others.

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